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Slightly OT: Museums & Libraries - Was: ALC Publishing Manga at the Kyoto International Manga Museum

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  • Ah... Me
    My local library actually has a pretty decent manga section (The teen section librarian is dialed into its popularity here!) which is in the Teen/Young Adult
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      My local library actually has a pretty decent manga section (The teen section librarian is dialed into its popularity here!) which is in the Teen/Young Adult area... I don't know if they have any anime; I've never checked their DVD/Video section about it. What I do know, because I once asked them about people donating, and the response was it was expensive to add a book/item to the library collection if it wasn't already in the system, or purchased by them through their purchaser. So, usually books given to the library are put into the "Friends of the Library" booksale/fundraiser.

      I'm looking for someplace that would appreciate  the artwork of not only the anime itself, but also the cover, which is part of the package. If the series collection went to a public library, there's a much higher chance for the covers to be damaged or lost, and one also loses the visual of all the covers next to each other to see the bigger picture made by the complete collection.

      I know in an academic, or museum, setting they would take care of the details like that... Maybe I'll try the Museum of Cartoon Art and see if maybe they'll be adding a permanent section devoted to Manga/Anime. (They had a temporary exhibit last year, but I didn't get a chance to go, too poor)

      Also, I'm talking just general Anime/Manga.... not even going in the direction of Yuri/Yaoi subgenres at the moment. However, if I were to build my own dream Museum of Anime and Manga, yes there would be a wonderfully large Yuri section! *L* (and some space to the Yaoi fangirl/boys in a corner room *LOL*) I'd want my museum to be a scholarly place, too... Where people could go to talk and do research on the various subtext and levels of the shows in the collection...

      Anyone else want to chime in? Or thoughts on a museum devoted to Anime and Manga?

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      I don't know about museums -- but we have a local GLBT library. You'll probably have better luck finding libraries than museums. If I decide something is a read-once, I then give it to them. They have clientele that wants to read manga; but they are not interested in anime. The videos they have tend to be a bit more explicit than most anime.


      On 2/19/2011 12:11 PM, Ah... Me wrote:


      Does anyone know if any museums here in the U.S. have a permanent Anime/Manga section to them? I know there's the Museum of Cartoon Art in San Francisco (actually close-ish to where I live) but it looks to be more Western-type artwork...
      I've looked on-line for Pop-Art, or Pop Culture Museums, but they seem to run towards toys and such... Or, does anyone know if there is a University that is starting to collect Manga/Anime for their university collection?

      A couple reasons why I'm asking... I'm going to go back to school in the Fall for a Masters in Library and Information Sciences program and it would be so totally cool, awesome, etc, to combine my hobby (love of manga/anime) with a career/profession... Also, I have a couple of anime on VHS I don't want to just throw away, or sell piece-meal because of the artwork on the boxes. (It's the "Slayers" series and when you put the videos together it forms a larger picture)

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