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Re: [Yuricon] The Solution to the Scanlation Solution

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  • Adam Jones
    ... I didn t want to cut-and-paste from the discussion we d been having on Okazu at the time I posted that, but I guess it s tricky when the discussion is
    Message 1 of 44 , Jun 17, 2010
      On 17-Jun-2010 11:48 -0400, Erica Friedman wrote:
      > I once again challenge you, Adam, and everyone one of you to come up with a BETTER idea.

      I didn't want to cut-and-paste from the discussion we'd been having on
      Okazu at the time I posted that, but I guess it's tricky when the
      discussion is spread across so many places.

      There seemed to be a fair degree of agreement there that open,
      device-independent formats were a good thing. Likewise, as the
      experience with music has shown, "active" DRM is a dead-end - it just
      makes the pirated products more useful than the paid-for ones
      (because the pirated ones will, of course, work on any device) and it
      further restricts the set of people who're equipped to read your content
      in the first place. It also never really works (observe the effort
      which went into Blu Ray DRM, and then check the contents of the Pirate

      If the goal is to keep the honest people honest then I think that
      various watermarking schemes (allowing you to trivially trace whoever
      posted file X on the darknets) are about the best you can do, and they
      have the big advantage of not requiring special client software or

      Also as we discussed elsewhere, the whole regional licensing thing needs
      to be made to go away as far as humanly (or even lawyerly) possible.
      I'm sitting here with a pile of money which I'd like to give to the
      authors, and it's frustrating to be told that I can't because I have
      the wrong IP address.

      What most of these boil down to is: the market is small, and anything
      which drives away the people who *are* willing to pay is very bad.

      So I guess what I'm suggesting is an international web-based store
      which will let me register an account, take my money, and in return give
      me something I can read (a CBZ file of watermarked PNGs would be great)
      on whatever I happen to be using at the time.
      Adam Jones (adam@...)(http://www.yggdrasl.demon.co.uk/)
      .oO("confussing us is not acceptable, we are INDIVIDUALS i tell you." )
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    • Ozan Türkyılmaz
      2010/6/15 EricaF ... now it s time to deal with personal part. ... i am not angry with system. you are angry with system in which
      Message 44 of 44 , Jun 24, 2010
        2010/6/15 EricaF <anilesbocon01@...>

        --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Ozan Türkyılmaz <ozan.turkyilmaz@...> wrote:
        > 2010/6/12 Sharanna Atreides <sharannax@...>

        > >

        > i saw that vision a lot in the past. problem is that freaking publishers are
        > too greedy. once paid for life is not enough for them. they
        > want to get paid ever time you watch it, pear it or read it. and you know
        > what, technically it's quit possible now.

        I cannot express to you how utterly, completely wrong you are.

        i cannot express to you how utterly, completely angry you are.

        now it's time to deal with personal part.
        I am a publisher. I am not speaking from some glass tower, or theoretical concept.

        Publishers speculate when they publish a book. It's the publisher's money that pays for the editing, the lettering the printing, the marketing, the advertising, the shipping. And the publisher has to hope that enough books sell to make all that worth while.

        If an electronic version has to be created it actually isn't that easy. Formats, lettering, touch up, sometimes whole books have to be recreated to make them viable as an electronic format. That takes time - and expertise. That means that people are working on that. That means there are wages to be paid.

        And every format generates (or ought to generate) royalties, so that greed you allude to is also what pays the creator.

        You are pointlessly angry at a system that doesn't give you what you want for free or close to it. Sorry about that. My mail service wants to be paid, my creators would like to make some money on their work. I'd like to pay my bills, because printing is incredibly expensive, wages and royalties notwithstanding.

        i am not angry with system. you are angry with system in which things did not work out for you. you took a risk, and it did not work and now you are angry.
        Please don't call me greedy. I spend 10 years paying off Yuricon and ALC Publishing bills with my *own* money because Yuri fans want stuff but won't pay for it.

        who owns ALC Publishing? i'm speculating that it's you. so risks exists with the company is yours. hence it will be your money
        and it will be your time. of course if it did pay back, it will be yours because it is your company. if you were following the copyright climate then you would know what i meant by greedy. 
        What are those greedy publishers asking from you? 5 US dollars, 10? Maybe 20, oh no! What bastards we are. I paid $10,000 getting that book to you, so kindly stop yelling at me.

        and what a angry person you are. anger blinds people, it stops your logical thinking.

        you _are_ angry with system. I'm not, i maintain the system (being engineer etc). it did not work out for you (as said before it was
        very unlikely to work out). you took the risk.

        now that personal part is over.

        scanlation is not the problem. it was never the problem. problem is pirates. they scan, distribute and never ever bother to buy under
        any situation (including but not limited to non availability of free) pirates are working quite efficiently, like scanning  600p book,
        feed it into OCR then proof read it under a day. crackers crack a games DRM before it was released etc. they actually do it for just doing it in of sake doing (visit different sites time to time).


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