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Re: [Yuricon] Saiyuu no Ryouko: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko, Issue 65

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  • Allison P
    Yuri-chan doing yoga. Lol! I like it!
    Message 1 of 3 , May 16, 2010
      Yuri-chan doing yoga. Lol! I like it!

      On 5/16/10, EricaF <anilesbocon01@...> wrote:
      > Saiyuu no Ryouko: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko
      > The Story So Far: Having adjusted on the fly to having a personal assistant,
      > Yuriko is finding it a not unpleasant experience. But no one can help her
      > with the harsh reality that is the upcoming tour.
      > [For Issues 1-64: http://www.yuricon.org/snb%5d
      > Volume 4, Issue 13
      > "All Work and No Play"
      > Yuriko leaned heavily against the wall, trying desperately to get some
      > oxygen into her lungs. She'd feel really crappy about her performance a few
      > minutes ago, except that Mayumi was slumped over a desk, sucking in great
      > heaving breaths, as well.
      > Their individual singing and dancing rehearsals had been going well, but
      > when Renzo had them run through all the sets in full, the combined effort of
      > doing both at once had left them hopelessly breathless and out of synch.
      > Yuriko has missed several musical cues and the normally impeccable Mayumi
      > has faltered in some of the more delicate dance steps.
      > The two singers kept their unhappiness to themselves, but the tension on the
      > stage was palpable.
      > "Don't worry, don't worry!" Renzo's cheerful voice cut through the
      > background whispers and gasps for air that were amplified by the sound
      > system. "How convenient that the new voice coach is coming today. He'll get
      > those lungs whipped into shape." Clapping his hands smartly, the director
      > called for a fifteen-minute break. He stepped up to Yuriko, and placed a
      > hand delicately on her shoulder, but addressed both women.
      > "Get changed and join me in the piano room as soon as you're ready."
      > Yuriko gave the director a watery smile and nodded then, with a groan,
      > lifted herself away from the wall and shuffled her way to the dressing room.
      > As she turned the corner, she could just about make out Mayumi pushing
      > herself off the desk and angrily wiping her eyes – whether it was sweat or
      > tears, Yuriko couldn't decide.
      > ***
      > "So Steve will be working you to death for the next two weeks." Renzo's
      > laugh did not fill Yuriko with confidence.
      > She had arrived at the small rehearsal room last, to find Mayumi is full
      > "simper at the pretty boy mode" And although she couldn't place him, Yuri
      > was sure that she had met the man somewhere. His light brown hair had the
      > sun bleached look of a career beach bum, and his eyes were an exceptionally
      > pale grey. His smile was on full-wattage as he responded to Mayumi's
      > flirtation, somewhat ingenuously. Yuriko wondered whether she was playing
      > him or vice versa.
      > Introductions over. Steve got right down to work. The smile disappeared,
      > leaving a sun-wrinkled face with an intense look, and a quiet, focused
      > voice.
      > "Let's start with improving your breath capacity, and we'll move on to
      > projection. I've watched tapes of both of you, you've got the basics down
      > solid, so we're going to move right into some advanced techniques."
      > The Australian herded the women into the middle of the room, where two yoga
      > mats were spread out on the floor. "We don't have a lot of time. I'm going
      > to ask you both to practice on your own time, so we can move rapidly through
      > the sequence." He invited them to lie down. "Have either of you ever done
      > yoga before?"
      > Yuriko laughed sarcastically. Mayumi sat up, indignance and annoyance
      > written clearly on her face.
      > "If this is going to be one of those meditations on my center kind of thing,
      > I'll pass." Mayumi's voice was cold and unmoving. Yuriko privately agreed,
      > but decided that the other woman could play the bad guy for this scene.
      > "It's not," Steve assured her with a light push on her shoulder to lay her
      > back down. "I'll avoid using any foreign-sounding words, unless there is
      > absolutely no other way to describe something."
      > And so, Yuriko found herself doing yogic breathing to the tone of a small
      > bell marking the intervals. One more incredibly weird thing in a summer full
      > of weirdness, she thought resignedly.
      > By the time the lesson was over, Yuri's stomach hurt, her back hurt, and her
      > throat was dry. "This had better be worth it" she muttered, as she stretched
      > to pull the kinks out of her neck and back.
      > Mayumi shot her a look that, had it come from another person, might have
      > signaled agreement.
      > "It will be," Steve confirmed with confidence. "Practice on your own and I
      > promise that the next time I see you, you'll already feel the difference."
      > Yuriko blew out an exhausted breath, but nodded. Mayumi didn't bother
      > responding at all.
      > ***
      > Yuriko's eyes opened quite suddenly. For a moment she had no idea where she
      > was, or why it was dark. Then her head cleared and she could see that she
      > was riding in her car.
      > Nami spoke quietly, "Did you have a nice nap?"
      > Yuriko rubbed her eyes, trying to figure out where and when she was. "I
      > guess so. What time is it?"
      > "Nine-thirty. You have a late night live television show to do." The young
      > woman paused, then continued. "Go back to sleep – I'll wake you when we get
      > there."
      > Yuriko started to protest, but thought better of it, and closed her eyes.
      > "I'll leave it to you," she muttered and was out in a moment.
      > ***
      > Yuriko grimaced, as the sickly-sweet taste of the energy drink was washed
      > away by a mouthful of green tea. She thanked her assistant, handed her the
      > empty can and straightened her hair in the mirror.
      > "Why bother?" Nami smiled, "They'll redo it anyway in make-up."
      > "It's a girl thing – you should understand," Yuriko grinned, arranging the
      > hair over her eye with a quick tug.
      > Nami had been true to her word, waking Yuriko gently but firmly, just before
      > they had arrived at the studio where a popular live late-night talk show was
      > filmed.
      > Yuriko stared into the mirror. "Are those bags under my eyes?" she wondered
      > out loud, but decided that it was just the lighting. She hoped.
      > As the two women checked in with the studio security, then waited for a
      > representative to take them to the appropriate soundstage, the blonde turned
      > towards her assistant. "What was it like with your last client? I mean, you
      > said it was long days, but was it TV shows and radio interviews?"
      > The redhead shook her head. "It was more like late-night alcohol runs and
      > dog sitting." She turned her head from side to side, taking in their
      > surroundings. "The only show I ever saw her do was one of those "where are
      > they now" things they do on New Year's. You know the kind, where they drag
      > out all the ancient has-beens they can find and show clips of them when they
      > were popular?" Nami sighed. "It was awful. She got so drunk she fell off the
      > sofa while they were filming." She smiled up at Yuriko, "I left the next
      > day."
      > Yuriko held up her left hand, and put her right one over her heart. "I swear
      > that I will never get falling-over drunk on TV and embarrass you."
      > "Please don't, or Tsukiyama-san will fire me!" Nami didn't look terribly
      > worried at the possibility.
      > Their conversation was interrupted by a PA who, after droning a formulaic
      > welcome, led them through the building.
      > "Type 2?" Nami suggested. Yuriko had already filled her assistant in on the
      > "types" of Production Assistant, as defined by Mariko.
      > Yuriko leaned forward to address the PA. "How long have you been with the
      > show?" she chirped, feeling the energy drink kicking in at last.
      > The woman looked at her morosely. "Two years last month," she said, followed
      > by a depressed sigh.
      > Yuriko fell back in step with her assistant. "Type 2," she confirmed. The
      > two hid their laughter and tried not to meet each other's gaze. Yuriko found
      > herself relaxing a little. The she thought about the last television
      > interview she had participated in, and the relaxation disappeared.
      > It was always touch-and-go. Would the laughs be with her or at her? Would
      > the host be welcoming or hostile? Most of all, would the crowd be receptive?
      > She needn't have worried. The audience for this particular show was younger
      > than most. They were *very* receptive, whooping at her name, applauding her
      > appearance on stage and laughing heartily at her amusing stories. The host
      > was very pleasant and the two of them judged a short karaoke contest to her
      > latest hit. The winner, a young man with no rhythm, but a charming smile,
      > won two tickets to the upcoming concert. Yuriko awarded the prize with an
      > injunction that he bring a date, because it was going to be a great romantic
      > concert. He just blushed, as Yuriko turned towards the audience and exhorted
      > "anyone who'd like to go on a date with this fine young man, stand up!" at
      > which about a third of the girls and a fifth of the guys in the audience
      > rose. Everyone laughed and applauded, and the sequence was concluded
      > pleasantly.
      > When she shook hands with the host, she thanked him quite sincerely and they
      > promised to do this again. With a wave, Yuriko left the stage to more
      > applause and shouts. By the time she reached the green room, Yuriko felt
      > good.
      > Now I remember, she thought as she joined Nami for the last leg of the day.
      > "This is what it's all about."
      > The assistant looked up at her tiredly, but nodded in agreement. "Yes."
      > Yuriko smiled gently at the young woman and put a hand on her shoulder.
      > "Come on" she prodded, giving Nami a gentle shove toward the door. "Let's go
      > home."
      > "Yuriko-san?"
      > "Mmm?"
      > They were being escorted back to the entrance by another morose production
      > assistant, whose occasional uneven lurching worried them both. The poor
      > thing looked dead on...his/her feet. Neither of them could decide whether
      > their escort was, in fact, male or female.
      > Nami seemed to be reaching for words, not entirely sure how to ask her
      > question. She looked at her watch, then back at the idol. "You've been
      > working since 5 in the morning. It's 12:30 now, and you've got to be back in
      > at 6. How do you do it?"
      > Yuriko shrugged, then smiled. "Well, for one thing, I absolutely don't look
      > at the time very often." She laughed lightly. "And I often think about
      > people who do construction, or who are nurses - or even mothers. I mean,
      > they never get a break and work long hours all the time."
      > They reached the studio entrance. Across the barrier were a small, but loud,
      > group of girls, a boy or two and even a few older woman. When Yuriko came
      > out into the muggy night, they started to shout. She waved and the ambient
      > noise grew. Waving for her assistant to stay put, the blonde loped over,
      > took a few autograph books and signed. When one of the girls yawned, she
      > yawned too and they all laughed at her human frailty. She thanked them all
      > for their support, asked them to come to the concert and waved at the
      > cameras. Then she turned and headed towards the car.
      > "But mostly," Yuriko said, as she closed the car door behind her and they
      > moved off. "I think about them." She waved her hand behind her. "This is my
      > job - making them happy for as long as I can. When they get tired of me,
      > I'll be on one of those 'where are they now' shows." She laughed, but it was
      > a little forced.
      > There was silence as Nami thought over the singer's words. But as they
      > pulled up to her apartment building, and the assistant gathered her things
      > to get read to leave, she shook her head.
      > "No, I don't think so," she pronounced finally, as she swiveled one foot out
      > of the car. "You may not be a singer, or an idol, but somehow," she smiled
      > brightly, "I don't think that anyone will ever have to wonder where you are
      > now."
      > With that thought the redhead skipped out of the car and headed into her
      > building. Yuriko waved at her back, closed the door and told the driver, at
      > last, to take her home.
      > To Be Continued
      > Saiyuu no Ryouko, Shoujoai ni Bouken, Yuriko and all other characters and
      > events, copyright E. Friedman. All rights reserved.
    • EricaF
      ... She was way ahead of the curve - this was written years ago, before the current spike in popularity. :-) Cheers, Erica
      Message 2 of 3 , May 16, 2010
        --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Allison P <apocalypseofjon@...> wrote:
        > Yuri-chan doing yoga. Lol! I like it!

        She was way ahead of the curve - this was written years ago, before the current spike in popularity. :-)


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