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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Hajimemashite

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  • Allison P
    Irashaimasu! I ve only beeon on this list for a day, but I still think I can say that. Lol. Well, actually, that s not entirely accurate; I was on here once
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 2, 2010
      Irashaimasu! I've only beeon on this list for a day, but I still think
      I can say that. Lol. Well, actually, that's not entirely accurate; I
      was on here once before, but I changed email addresses, so I htought
      it'd be better to re-subscribe, as I'd missed numerous messages. I
      understand about being cautious of online chatting; I was the same for
      a while, but then I just decided, what the heck? Besides, way I look
      at it, with a list like this, we're all civil human beings here (or at
      least should be), and it isn't as if I need to give out my life story
      on a mailing list. I'm pretty safe, I figure. If any enterprising
      hackers want to dig up interesting stuff on me, they'll have to look a
      long time anyways; I'm not that exciting. ^

      My first introduction to anime was through Sailor Moon, and the series
      holds a very special place in my heart because of this. Unfortunately,
      I saw the dub first (yes, I despise the dub, but I shan't rant about
      that here), but at least it let me know that there was anime out
      there! I watched the original Japanese version, fell madly in love
      with Ten'nou Haruka, and the rest is history.

      On 2/2/10, EricaF <anilesbocon01@...> wrote:
      > Hi Charuko -
      > It's great to have you on the list. Hope you enjoy yourself!
      > Cheers,
      > Erica
      > Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated."
      > http://www.yuricon.org
      > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "yoni-1@..." <yoni-1@...> wrote:
      >> I've been reluctant to introduce myself out of a long habit of carefully
      >> guarded
      >> privacy, but also out of a general caution where online chat is
      >> concerned.Â
      >> Still, this is a rather new interest for me, and it's good to hear the
      >> view
      >> points of others with a similar interest.
      >> I became interested in anime as a means of keeping and expanding my
      >> Japanese
      >> language practice.  My first introduction was Ranma 1/2 which I found to
      >> be
      >> hilarious though too often employing rude forms of Japanese.  I guess in
      >> cartoons you can do anything and get away with it.
      >> My next was Kannazuki no Miko, and my introduction to yuri.  Kannazuki
      >> was
      >> interesting and Chikane had resonance in terms of sacrifice even of
      >> friendship
      >> to save a life (although her tactics were a bit inexplicable and there was
      >> too
      >> much mech for my taste).  Because of this and because I have a 26 year
      >> "yuri"
      >> relationship I began searching for other yuri anime.
      >> Then came Aoi Hana, and a reflection of my high school experience in Fumi
      >> (though she had more supportive friends-different era, I suppose).  Erica
      >> used
      >> the words "breath taking".  I can't think of a better description.
      >> Now I'm watching Sasameki Koto which feels like a recombinant Aoi
      >> Hana/Ranama
      >> 1/2.  Is this full circle?
      >> I'm looking forward to more.
      >> Charuko
      >> 中ç"ºèŒ¶æµ å­
      >> Nakamachi Charuko
      >> Mrs. Cheryl J.Mason-Middleton
      >> http://www.linkedin.com/pub/cheryl-mason-middleton/12/514/b5b
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