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  • EricaF
    ... Hi Becca - Shounen ai is another term for Yaoi or BL, that is - stories that show gay male couples. I think you meant shoujo ai which is not a term
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2010
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "beccaj" <soaringgirlboo@...> wrote:
      > I'm new to yuri, and to the list, just been lurking. I'm wondering if anyone else seems to like the yuri that's made for guys instead of the shonen-ai stuff that's supposedly more for girls. I loved Strawberry Panic, and wondering if it's weird for girls to lean more towards the type that has fan service. And I might be mistaken, is there even any difference between Shonen Ai and yuri?
      > Becca

      Hi Becca -

      "Shounen ai" is another term for Yaoi or BL, that is - stories that show gay male couples.

      I think you meant "shoujo ai" which is not a term ever used in Japan. It was made up by American fans who didn't want to say they liked Yuri.

      There isn't any difference between Shoujoai and Yuri, since both are words used to describe about a zillion things and different people use them differently. some people say that one is romantic love, the other explicit sex, but that's a made up distinction.

      Here at Yuricon we just use Yuri to cover it all. It's just easier.

      In general, Yuri anime made for guys sells better as anime because in Japan mostly men buy anime. So there is very little Yuri anime made for women. Even something like "Aoi Hana" which is as popular here among women as it is among men, tends to be bought in Japan by more men.

      There's almost no Yuri anime you're going to see that was made for women, unless you're looking at a girl's anime, like PreCure, and seeing Yuri in it (whether it is there or not.)

      Manga is a different issue and there's a wider variety of stories, and Yuri in a lot of series that might be for guys or girls, kids or adults.

      So, if you enjoy Yuri anime for guys, then you basically enjoy what Yuri anime there is. :-)


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