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Re: [Yuricon] Welcome to our new list members

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  • Kimberly Thompson
    Hello hello! I m Kimberly Thompson. I tend to be more of a silent participant in the group due to being busy with school. I m a graduate student at East
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 29, 2010
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      Hello hello!
      I'm Kimberly Thompson. I tend to be more of a silent participant in the group due to being busy with school. I'm a graduate student at East Carolina University in the literature department. My concentration is in Multicultural Literature and Women's Studies. Currently, I'm working on my thesis which is on Yuri Japanese Animation and Manga. I just finished the first chapter about a week and half ago and am now working on the second chapter. I'm hoping to have the thesis completed by the end of May and once I have it finished I will make sure to let everyone know. Unless I embargo the thesis for some reason, it will be available online through a scholarly database and can be downloaded to keep. 

      On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 6:47 PM, EricaF <anilesbocon01@...> wrote:

      Welcome to our new list members!

      It's been way too long since I did this last. First of all, welcome to all our newest Yuricon Mailing list (YCML) members - and welcome back to some of our oldest list members! Of course, thanks to all the folks who post here regularly. :-)

      New or old, please take a look at our List FAQs, which will give you important links, detail our community standards and hopefully give you an idea of what we're about here: http://www.yuricon.org/faq.html
      The FAQs are a little long, but it really won't take you more than a few minutes to read them through. I ask that everyone please
      do read them. Some things have changed over time, so if you haven't read them in a few years, things *are* different now.

      For the newest members, I hope you'll step up and introduce yourselves. Oldest members, feel free to do the same - some people may not know your early contributions to this community, you can pick up new fans. :-)

      As always, I'll start. My name is Erica Friedman, I founded Yuricon in 2000 as Anilesbocon. In 2003 I began ALC Publishing (which just released "Yuri Monogatari 6" Yuri anthology in 1999), and we ran the first Yuricon event. I write extensively on Yuri at my blog Okazu: http://okazu.blogspot.com

      I'm glad to welcome you all to the YCML - as far as I'm concerned still the least sucky group of people on the internet. :-)



      ALC Publishing - where the girl always gets the girl

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