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RE: [Yuricon] Simoun Box Set question

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  • Janie (AudioErotica)
    I just got mine in from RightStuf on Friday. It is packaged in a standard size DVD case with 5 discs crammed inside. So yeah, it s basically as Erica said,
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      I just got mine in from RightStuf on Friday.  It is packaged in a standard size DVD case with 5 discs crammed inside.  So yeah, it’s basically as Erica said, you just lose the cover art as far as I can tell since I do not have any of the individual Simoun DVD’s to compare it to.


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      > Well, payday is here again and I was wondering what quality the Simoun Box

      set is that's offered for pre-order via the Yuricon store. Is it a full box or a slimpack?
      I haven't seen this set specifically, but most of Media Blaster's season sets are sort of in the middle of thin/full pack. They Multiple disks in a largish DVD case. I have a few of their season sets - I quite like the packaging. It's slim, but not those nasty easily-breakable thin jewelcases. I've got the Otogi Zoshi set sitting here - 6 discs in a case just a little thicker than a regular DVD case.
      Since MB never has physical extras, you're not losing out on anything except DVD cover art.

      > Posting this here, since there may be others who are interested in the
      question. I trust you don't mind, Erica.
      Not at all. :-)
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