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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Conbust Yuri Panel Report

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  • Katherine Hanson
    Hi Melinda, Thanks for the article! ^^ I m glad you enjoyed the panel and ConBust. ________________________________ From: melindabeasi
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 20, 2009
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      Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for the article! ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed the panel and ConBust.

      From: melindabeasi <dorrie6@...>
      To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2009 10:49:22 AM
      Subject: [Yuricon] Re: Conbust Yuri Panel Report

      Hi Katherine,

      I attended your panel at ConBust (probably I was the person taking notes throughout), and I thought you might like to see my coverage of the con for Manga Recon (http://www.popcultu reshock.com/ manga/index. php/features/ manga-recon- conbust-2009/), since I talked about it there. I thought your panel was the animanga highlight of the weekend, and said so in my report. I'm new to Yuri, so I found it very informative! Thanks for giving such a fantastic presentation!

      Melinda Beasi
      Assistant Editor, Manga Recon

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups .com, "Katherine" <smithie_28@ ...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone! ^^
      > I just held a yuri panel at Conbust yesterday, and thought I'd write
      > about it here in case anybody's interested. The panel was yesterday at
      > 9:00 p.m. at Smith College's Conbust, which is a 3 day general
      > sci-fi/fantasy/ anime/gaming con.
      > Even though Conbust takes place at a women's college and focuses more on
      > women in the sci-fi/fantasy/ anime/gaming industries than most cons, I
      > was still pretty surprised that, aside from one rather loquacious guy
      > who left halfway through the panel (he only really irritated me when he
      > spoke during my Devil Lady clip...don't do that at panels, people ^^;;
      > ), all of the people there were women. One attendee was even taking
      > notes throughout the panel, although I noticed a few others writing when
      > they saw something that particularly interested them. ("What's that
      > series called again?" "Kannazuki no Miko." *scribbles*)
      > I started out by explaining "What is Yuri?" along with the basic history
      > and influences, like Nobuko Yoshiya, Takarazuka, Riyoko Ikeda, Go Nagai,
      > Yuri Shimai, Yuri Hime, etc.
      > Then I presented, in chronological order, slides of yuri anime series
      > worth checking out, with accompanying clips. The series I presented
      > were: Oniisama E, Sailor Moon, The Devil Lady, Revolutionary Girl Utena,
      > Azumanga Daioh, Maria Watches Over Us (I used the U.S. release title on
      > the slide), Kannazuki no Miko, My-Hime (and even though My-Otome didn't
      > get a slide, I showed a clip of it also), Simoun, Strawberry Panic, Blue
      > Drop, and Mouryou no Hako (although I wasn't able to show a clip from
      > Mouryou no Hako). Finally, I gave the upcoming Aoi Hana and Sasameki
      > Koto anime series slides of their own to shamelessly promote them to my
      > impressionable audience. ^^
      > Then I presented my top yuri manga must-reads: Strawberry Shake Sweet,
      > Hayate x Blade, Sasameki Koto, Girl Friends, The Conditions for Paradise
      > (I actually like Hanjuku Joshislightly more, but I decided to use this
      > title instead to weed out any potential panel-goers who primarily watch
      > and read yuri for service instead of stories and characters), Aoi Hana,
      > Octave, Heart-Pounding Excitement At Mononoke Girls' Academy (this isn't
      > really one of my top favorites, but it's still good, and I wanted to
      > include something really weird and different), and Free Soul.
      > Finally, for fun, the panel ended with a very brief section titled,
      > "Yuri To Show To People Who You Despise." :) The two titles that earned
      > the distinction of being placed in this section were Fight! Iczer One
      > and Project ICE. I didn't show any clips of them, but told the
      > panel-goers to feel free to seek these titles out at their discretion.
      > Then I answered any extra questions the panel-goers had, and that was
      > it. ^^

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