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Re: Steady Beat 3 (TokyoPop)

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  • lynmarenjensen
    To clarify, although I agree TokyoPop probably over-expanded with the OEL manga, the company s woes probably go deeper than that. Here s a bit from what I
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 26, 2009
      To clarify, although I agree TokyoPop probably over-expanded with
      the OEL manga, the company's woes probably go deeper than that.
      Here's a bit from what I posted on my MySpace blog about them
      recently. I knew they'd re-org'ed but:
      "What I found is that the economy has hit TokyoPop to a degree I
      never expected. They don't even have a receptionist or a lobby any
      more. We [a securty guard and I, he had to escort me to the office!]
      knocked on the door, and a girl who looked like a student intern
      wandered out and said, 'Everyone's on deadline.' (Everyone? Does
      that really mean the whole office is reduced to maybe five people?)
      Just as I thought, Susan Hale, the publcist, doesn't work there any
      more. Neither does Luis Reyes or some of the other people I once
      knew, although Lillian [Diaz-P.] apparently does. I gave the intern
      my card and a note about what manga I was requesting [to review]. If
      it actually shows up, I'll be surprised."

      What I got later was an unsigned postcard that said, "Sorry but the
      manga you requested is not available." I called Lillian's ext. and
      left a message about BLU manga, and she never responded. I suspect
      what that means is they're not sending out eval. copies of manga
      anymore--it's a cost-cutting measure that shows things are much worse
      than just their OEL manga under-performing.
      What's happening is happening to not just TokyoPop, but company
      after company in today's economy. People not being able to afford
      manga the way they did just a few short years ago is part of it, but
      the global economic crisis is more complicated than that. I hope ALC
      weathers the storm, and I wish you good luck!

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      Thanks for the very useful link to see what Rivkah's got to say for >
      the past couple of years. Very informative, but also very >
      disheartening, as it shows how the economy has affected the >
      manga/comics market, even larger companies like TokyoPop, that seemed
      > to be thriving and on the upswing only a few years ago.
      > I don't believe that the issue with OEL had anything to do with the
      economy. Very few OEL titles sold well.
      > Tokyopop is re-releasing it's online version of the Takuhai
      magazine, and I notice that it has "how to draw manga" info, so I
      wonder if they are pretending to care, trying to find a gem or two in
      the rough, or just taking a different tack on the magazine. Time will
      tell. :-)
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