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Re: New Lililicious Releases - YH8 one-shot, YH7 one-shot, YH6 one-shot and its mini-sequel, G3 doujinshi short

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  • Joseph Saunders
    ... her boyfriend s ex. ... with Matsuri, who in turn is in love with Aya. Oh, dear. ... with a strange little girl inside. ... It s about the main character s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2009
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, esubramanian1@... wrote:
      > In "Next to Her," by Takahashi Mako, the main character fixates on
      her boyfriend's ex.
      > In "Winter-Tinged Thoughts," by Otsu Hiyori, Shizuru is in love
      with Matsuri, who in turn is in love with Aya. Oh, dear.
      > Chi-Ran's "The Yuri Cage" is about a girl who buys a "yuri cage"
      with a strange little girl inside.
      > "The Mystery of the Yuri Cage" is a mini-sequel to "The Yuri Cage."
      It's about the main character's cousin, who happens to be in love
      with her.
      > In "Photograph," by Takenoko, Yumi sees Tsutako giving Rei some
      > The releases can all be downloaded at our website:
      Thank you so so so much for all the beautiful releases and
      especially "The Yuri Cage". It had me in tears at the end..mixed joy
      and sadness. What happened to poor little Kagome and I am curious
      about the curious girl's name in the park...? I also liked the sequel
      story to it as well.
      Hope I did not ruin anything here..but again..my many thanks for such
      a wonderful gift from everyone at Lililicious to us/me..
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