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"Yuri Monogatari 6" in the December Previews Catalog

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  • atheniag
    ALC Publishing is pleased to announce that Yuri Monogatari 6 is available for Pre-order! Page 198 of the December Previews catalog as Item
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2008
      ALC Publishing is pleased to announce that <i><b>Yuri Monogatari
      6</b></i> is available for Pre-order! Page 198 of the December
      <i>Previews</i> catalog as Item Code: DEC083715.

      Get new 100% Yuri from Circle UKOZ, Rica Takashima and Eriko Tadeno,
      and a special side-story from lesbian novelist J.D. Glass's newest
      novel "American Goth"! With stories of lesbian love and love, from
      artists and writers around the world, the award-nominated "Yuri
      Monogatari" anthology is wholey unique in the world of Yuri.


      Special Note About Reality:

      Because of the antiquated distribution system for comic books and
      manga, your pre-order is *crucial* in making later orders possible.
      Essentially, the distributor only bases order on how many have
      already been sold, not how many could potentially be sold. So if you
      want to see Yuri Monogatari on the shelf, *you* have to pre-order
      it, so that someone else later can walk in and see it. It is a
      terrible system, but it's all we have.

      So, please, please, don't wait to decide when you see it on the
      shelf of your local bookstore, because unless you pre-order, it
      won't be on the shelf - ever.

      If you'd rather order directly through ALC Publishing - the pre-
      preorder special is valid through until Dec, 21.

      On behalf of everyone at ALC Publishing - thanks for your support!!


      ALC Publishing - Where the girl (almost) always gets the girl
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