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Re: Mai Otome 0 S.ifr final episode

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  • Katherine
    I m still waiting for episode 3 to be subbed. I ve had mixed feelings about Mai Otome Sifr so far. I love Mai Hime and Mai Otome (with MO being my favorite of
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2008
      I'm still waiting for episode 3 to be subbed. I've had mixed feelings
      about Mai Otome Sifr so far. I love Mai Hime and Mai Otome (with MO
      being my favorite of the two), I liked the MO Zwei OVAs (I thought
      that it made for a much more pleasant last glimpse of the MO world
      than Nina with her poor, amnesiac adopted father/unwitting hostage
      Sergay), and I liked the first episode of Mai Otome Sifr a lot. I
      liked the darker tone, signature humor, likeable characters, great
      action scenes (with Lena in the first Otome outfit that I don't think
      looks lame), and even the humorous, tongue-in-cheek fan service that
      doesn't go over the top. Episode two disappointed me though. Seeing
      the one openly gay female character (Elliot) being harassed, while
      wearing nothing but panties and cat ears, by a bunch of drunk guys
      certainly dropped this show a few notches for me (plus the fact that
      Bruce, Shion, and Raquel don't do anything to help her- while Shion
      and Raquel wear maid outfits for no reason that's given), and the rest
      of the episode, imo, spent two much time introducing new ways to make
      Lena's boobs bounce instead of telling a story within the limited
      amount of time the OVA had. I'm looking forward, though, to seeing how
      it ends.

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "blu_gloo" <blu_gloo@...> wrote:
      > Did anyone watch the 3rd (and final) episode that was released on 21st
      > Nov, or was I the only who couldn't stop thinking about it since the
      > beginning of Nov?
      > I quite liked this OVA, and I'm tempted to say I liked it better than
      > the other Mai Hime series, but I can't really compare them because
      > the setting is completely different, and so are the characters (at
      > least they act different).
      > The fight scenes are nice (the animation is great too), it's on a whole
      > new level compared to the other series. The only thing I didn't like
      > was the overly happy ending, but that's just me not liking the 'happily
      > ever after' type of thing. And some parts of it were a little confusing
      > (what is Artemis? Did those Otome die?). Guess I'll have to rewatch
      > this.
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