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Announcement: Lililicious is dropping a few titles from Yuri Hime

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  • Lililicious
    We ve decided to drop a few titles from Yuri Hime in order to focus on other works from the magazine that we find more compelling. The list of titles we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2008
      We've decided to drop a few titles from Yuri Hime in order to focus on
      other works from the magazine that we find more compelling. The list of
      titles we are dropping is as follows:
      -Aoi Shiro by Fumotogawa Tomoyuki and Edoya Pochi
      -Apple Day Dream by Jounouchi Nene
      -"Goshujin-sama to Issho" by Himawari Souya (one-shot from Yuri Hime 4)
      -Nanami and Misuzu by Minakata Sunao
      -Petit Wildrose (a special booklet that came with Yuri Hime 13)
      -ZettaixRoman by Muttri Moony (aside from "The One Adabana in the
      World," which ran in Yuri Hime 2)

      Aside from these titles (and First Love Sisters and Voiceful, which we
      dropped earlier due to licensing), we currently plan to do EVERY other
      manga from Yuri Hime proper (including special booklets that come with
      issues of the magazine), and we WILL be doing the installments of these
      titles that are included in the Sayurihime series of special booklets.
      Both the Yuri Hime guide page and each Yuri Hime project page will list
      which titles we are not doing (aside from First Love Sisters and
      Voiceful, which won't be listed on the individual project pages), to
      avoid any potential confusion.

      See www.solelo.com for scanlations of Aoi Shiro and Petit Wildrose. If
      other groups decide to pick up any of these dropped titles--and we hope
      that at least some of these manga will be more of interest to other
      groups than they were to us--we'll be sure to link to their pages.

      Yuri Shimai and Yuri Hime have offered a diverse array of titles over
      the past five years, some more yuri than others. Our previous policy was
      to scanlate every manga from the magazine regardless of our personal
      feelings on individual works; now that there are so many more manga
      available from Yuri Hime, we can afford to be more selective. We are
      still committed to doing works in a variety of genres and styles; but
      that doesn't necessarily mean doing anything and everything from the
      magazine, and we would rather leave these particular titles to people
      who will enjoy working on them more than we would have.
      There are so very many yuri works out there--not just from Yuri Hime,
      but generally, and going back decades--that have yet to be scanlated by
      anyone, and every one of them is special in its own way (with "special"
      occasionally meaning "complete garbage," of course). It's difficult to
      choose which works to do and which to neglect, but those decisions have
      to be made, and this particular one has been a long time coming. Tastes
      vary, and people will certainly disagree about which particular titles
      we should have dropped; but doing titles that we think are good is more
      important to us than saying, "We did this whole magazine," or trying to
      please every yuri fan out there. As long as we're scanlating titles that
      interest us--and trying to do the best job we can on them, to show our
      respect for the works and their creators in some small way--we'll feel
      that we're doing something worthwhile.
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