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Re: Hidamari Sketch (aka "Sunshine Sketch") manga

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  • Shannon J. L.
    I liked it, too. Very cute and I agree with you on Hiro and Sae. :) Have you seen Suzunari, also from Yen press? ... the ... supply. ... Girls ... it. ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 3, 2008
      I liked it, too. Very cute and I agree with you on Hiro and Sae. :)
      Have you seen Suzunari, also from Yen press?

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Jen" <puni@...> wrote:
      > I picked up this 4-koma book mainly because it was the last one on
      > shelf, while every other New Arrival title was bountiful in
      > Seemed to have that going for it. Plus I was in a High School
      > kinda impulse mood (the series, not the genre).
      > Didn't regret the purchase, despite nothing really happening in
      > But then, it was Book #1, and nothing really happened at the
      > of Azumanga, either. I'll give it time. Plus I thoroughly enjoy
      > character Miyako.
      > Set in an Arts College dorm, Miyako (Miya-san) is the neighbour of
      > title's lead character Yuno, who is thoroughly bland and
      > uninteresting. Not as cute as Chiyo-san but not as thoroughly
      > annoying as Ichigo Mashimaro's Matsuri-chan, Yuno is utterly
      > Teeny frail little freshman who's heart goes pitter-patter at the
      > slightest twinge of nervousness of life, she's a walking cliche of
      > moe. Dump her in the bin and move on to her best buddy Miyako.
      > Miyako is the cliche gaijin American character (despite not
      > being American). She's tall with long blonde hair, boisterous and
      > buxom; Miya-san is the larger-than-life character. Always coming
      > unsolicited physical contact with the always-flustered dainty
      > girlies, Miyako is often seen barging into the room asking
      > any food in sight... which she consumes voraciously. Leaping,
      > bounding, always sporting an open-mouth grin coupled with eyes big
      > bright or otherwise closed in that zen bliss state, Miyako is
      rough n'
      > rowdy. She's a stunner, and should therefore be gay. Sound logic
      > me. Her art style is more 'Picasso/WTF?', which doesn't get nearly
      > enough of a mention (ie. more than once), which is an utter shame.
      > Still, it's a character-driven anime, but I still yearn for more.
      > Naturally, not a hint of naughty stuff (unlike HSG's smoking,
      > craving or copious amounts of bleeding), Sunshine Sketch is all
      > n' sweet and otherwise predictable (ie. dull). Still, Miyako
      > every scene she's in. Miya (how the character's gone this long
      > without being abreviated to "Mya" with accompanying visual gags, I
      > don't know) kept me reading. Paired with Yuno by default, there's
      > other yuri leaning other than her offhand "You're pretty, too" sly
      > remark to a rain-drenched Yuno who was herself commenting on the
      > greenery... elliciting the requisite blush/steam cloud. Also has
      > eye for Yuno's panties.
      > You know, I still contend that I've never heard another woman use
      > word "panties"... not even as a scholgirl; only men. Maybe it's
      > an Australian thing.
      > The only other main characters featured is the other cliche: The
      > Ambiguously Gay Duo. Think a younger Chie & Aoi from the Mai
      > Universe, only here it's Sae & Hiro. Sae (Mai's Chie) plays the
      > of starving artist, that is a tormented novelist who's only in the
      > Arts academy because she wants to do her own illustrations.
      > breaking deadline, she's cared for by Hiro, who cooks and cleans
      > provides the warm lap for a broken Sae to sleep on. We don't
      > see much of Hiro's own art career, which is again a shame. It
      > playing wife is her role thus far. Oh well, only book #1.
      > Throw in a juvenile yet buxom Arts teacher and you've got the
      > ingrediants for an all-round girls school anime, which Google
      tells me
      > does actually exist. I just hope they keep the 'Get Yuno drunk'
      > scene. It's one of the few scenes that give her (any) character.
      > Kisses XXOOXX
      > Jen
    • Jen
      ... write one myself and this one seemed pretty coherent. That s... the most delightful comment I ve had from anyone this month. Take that, 6th grade English
      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 3, 2008
        --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Erica Friedman <alecto_fury@...> wrote:
        > ...can I just borrow this review for Okazu? I'm way too lazy busy to
        write one myself and this one seemed pretty coherent.

        That's... the most delightful comment I've had from anyone this month.
        Take that, 6th grade English Lit teacher Ms Nolan: I'm COHERANT.

        (In all serious, I'm thoroughly complemented. Ain't it amazing how
        random complements make you feel all... aw shucks.) ^__^

        Meanwhile, don't you HATE IT when you wonder if anyone's replied to
        your ramblings, and no-one has for days, but it turns out they did and
        you just missed it completely?

        I suck.

        In other news, I've started watching the HIDAMARI SKETCH anime. Fun,
        but I feel lucky I read the first book, because the anime doesn't
        really go out of it's way to introduce the series premise. You're not
        really sure who the characters are, where they are, what they're doing
        there, how they got there and why. They're just... there. Cue
        day-to-day hijinks.

        But then, it's a character driven show, so there's that. Like Friends
        or Seinfeld: it's just characters in a room together, so let them talk
        and express and choose your favourite. Of course, a character I'm
        growing fond of is the fansub group. You occasionaly get snarky
        narrating comments on top of the screen, and they're often hilarious.

        "Can't show that in a christian anime."

        Amusement at it's finest. Especially when they run with a gag.

        Right now I'm up to episode #5, and it's one of the best. Yuno has
        the flu, and the whole episode takes a dreamy, surrealist drug-trip
        direction. Things get quite abstract, and often veer into Utena
        territory. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Plus yuri and pervy fans
        get to see Miyako do the "my best friends would NEVER do that" bit and
        sweetly undress and redress a sleeping feverish Yuno. Going above and
        beyond in caring for a sickly best friend without once thinking weird
        of it... but I suppose where Miyako's concerned, she's the
        faux-western character who would naturally do many a physical/societal
        thing that would make your stereotypical timid Nihonjin uncomfortable.
        The surreal atmosphere really enhanced the scene... but then, it's
        enhancing EVERYTHING. For the best.

        I'll get back to finishing this episode, as I'm eager as heck... but
        another quick comment of yuri sproutings seen in this series before I
        resume. I thought it rather eye-rollingly bold/blatant when I saw how
        they included the Sae/Hiro pairing in the anime intro sequence (ie.
        draped over each other, suprised to see who's seen this
        "not-what-it-looks-like-scene, cue Yuno all "OMG PARDON ME"), but you
        still get some cute in-episode needling now and then. My favourite is
        during karaoke, when Hiro gives Sae a REALLY DEEP look and says Sae's
        voice is beautiful, and she wants to listen to more... which
        completely sends Sae off the rails and destroys her ability to hold a
        tone and makes her go all "what what uh see hang on toilet break
        toilet break scuse me bye!" Leaving Hiro to give the gang a satisfied
        sly grin. Cute.

        Anyway, back to Yuno's fever dreams. Damn entertaining!

        Kisses XXOOXX
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