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Re: Strawberry Panic LN Vol 2.

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  • yu_kazu_ri
    ... so ... resolution. ... _does_ ... I ... people ... a ... story, ... as ... ark, ... was ... all im gonna say is that it is the first non-hentai yuri ive
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "iatheia" <iatheia@...> wrote:
      > > Dear everyone - do not try and take this series seriously, or you
      > > will be sorely dsappointed. I'm serious. The end is a laff riot,
      > and
      > > highly medlodramatic, but basically makes no sense and stops (as
      > > many Japanese works do) short of a final, western-style
      > Perhaps it is silly, but I am one of those people who actually
      > take this series seriously. And does quite a good job in it, too =)
      > This anime is quite nostalgic for me. This is the first yuri that I
      > have ever watched. And thus, it became for me a standard of what I
      > expect in yuri anime.
      > Actually, when I settled on watching something of this genre, I
      > browsed through the list, and my first two candidates have been
      > SutoPani and Marimite. After careful delibiration I chose SutoPani.
      > And not once I have been disappointed in it.
      > Perhaps it is quite fanservisy. Perhaps it is silly sometimes. And
      > enjoyed every moment of it. And I loved the agnsty bits. And
      > everything else in between, too.
      > Now that I have finally watched Marimite, I can understand why
      > may thing of SutoPani as a parody. But it is still my most favorite.
      > And you can all hit me with your slippers, but I did found Marimite
      > bit lacking. Almost all arks hardly left an afterward impression on
      > me. Just when you are to anticipate some sort of climax in the
      > because of all of that built-up tension, everything just drops...
      > if it had never happened. And as the story moves on to the other
      > I kept asking myself "Did it really happen?"
      > Light novel-vise it was perfect. But in terms of anime, SutoPani is
      > still in the first place for me.
      > As for the topic at hand...
      > It is impossible not to love episode number seven. Kaname is...
      > well... Kaname. Her metaphorical sense is... undescribable. I can't
      > get enough of her.
      > Amane, on the other hand... She doesn't even need a plushe doll in
      > her place. A square cardbord with her name will suffice. I keep
      > thinking that she accidentally was trapped into a frezer when she
      > a child. (although, surprisingly, I did like her in the visual
      > novel... not that it matters)

      all im gonna say is that it is the first non-hentai yuri ive ever
      watched and i fell in love with it.... i actually stayed up from the
      moment i started it to finish it, because i was so gripped by the
      story.... sure it may be corny and angsty at times, but i sort of
      love those parts too.... and i totaly started crying the instant i
      saw shizuma=sama crying.... like instinctually or something.... im
      not really sure, but i DO know that the anime really brings you close
      to the characters and ends up making it hard to know who to root for
      in the end haha
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