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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/A's/StrikerS (Contains spoilers.)

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  • Mitchell Gilks
    I m sure this was discused to death at some point, but I wasn t around for it, and I just finished watching the series. So I would like to say a little about
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2008
      I'm sure this was discused to death at some point, but I wasn't
      around for it, and I just finished watching the series. So I would
      like to say a little about them, and then ask to see if other people
      got some of the same impressions I did.

      I first series, I thought was ok, it wasn't great, but I didn't not
      like it. Though I did find the child nudity...awkward, though it was
      nothing fast forward doesn't fix. I also, (although I'm weird, and
      find weird things funny) had to laugh in the third series when they
      were all having their naked transformations and the only male
      characters gets away with a fully clothed transformation. Not that I
      was disappointed or anything, but I just expected as much. Clearly
      that would be too awkward, though I personally found the female child
      nudity equally distasteful.

      Anyway, it was already.

      The second one, A's, was far better. Had a lot more going on, and a
      wider range of interesting characters, and I really like it when they
      don't have super evil bad-guys to vanquish, but instead just people
      trying to do what they think is right.

      The worst part (until I started the next series) was the end, when
      Youno is asked if he has made any "progress" with Nanoha. He says no,
      but it bothered me for the developement of the third series. I was
      happy to find out, that ultimately he hadn't, and apparently had
      given up, as he only appears a couple times in the third series.
      Which didn't bother me, although I did miss Alf.

      I wasn't sure what to think for yuri for the third series, since I
      knew they were going to become adults for it, I didn't worry about it
      as anything more than developement for later in the first two.
      Clearly Nanoha considered Fate to be a closer friend than the girls
      she had known longer, and commented on how pretty she thought Fate
      was in the first series (at least her eyes and hair) which I found to
      be goo fodder for later.

      Now, I am fairly convinced that Nanoha and Fate are a steady couple,
      no if ands or buts. I may be disagreed with, but their were captains,
      and best friends with the superior who ran the fucility, surely their
      was no reason for them to share an appartment, let alone a bed. So, I
      think there is ample evidence to declare them to be a couple.

      I did however find it curious how Fate seemed to swoon over Signum
      whenever they spoke. She definitely acted differently around her than
      another else. I would have read more into it, but Signum should no
      signs of anything beyond respect, and was no less dismissive of her
      than anyone else, as she doesn't appear to enjoy conversation.

      As for Subaru, and Teana, there was clear potential there, but I
      doubt they were clearly not yet a couple. I got the distinct
      impressive of one-sided effection toward Teana from Subaru (even
      before she took advantage of an opening while she was half asleep)
      though Teana seemed to wrapped up in her own problems to either
      notice, or care. Though once it was largely sorted out, at the end
      when she was in trouble, and alone against the 3 cyborgs, I think
      that she released that she didn't care about anyone more than she
      does about Subaru, and who was there supporting her all along the
      way. So, although I would say they weren't a couple durring, I could
      see it easily going that way afterwards.

      All in all, I was extremely impressed with the final series, it took
      a step above the rest. It has a pretty indepth story, with lots of
      history and politics, it had extressively more character development
      compared to the other two, focusing about half of the series on it. I
      was disappointed with the caricature laughing mad scientist, but I
      could let it go for the rest. Though, when he said that all of the
      cyborgs where carrying his clone, I burst out laughing. No wonder
      they were all female. I couldn't help wondering how he went about
      that. He also went down pretty damn easy didn't he?

      I would recommed them to anyone who hasn't watched them. I enjoyed

      I am just wondering if anyone disagrees with me on my opinion of the
      yuri, am I reading too much into it? Or not enough?
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