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Re: Just linked off the AnimeonDVD website...

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  • Mitchell Gilks
    ... I read the wikipedia page on it (as I do with everything I watch) before watching it. So I knew who the characters were. I wasn t confused. Maybe I
    Message 1 of 23 , Mar 8, 2008
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Albert Lunde <atlunde@...> wrote:
      > (I just put in an order. Links from the main page weren't working
      > for some reason, but links from http://maria-sama.rightstuf.com/
      > worked fine.)
      > Another feature of the anime that has put off some people is it
      > dumps you in the middle of the situation with the Yamayurikai
      > in the Rose Mansion with little introduction, and one has to
      > sort them out quickly. I printed out a list of characters
      > before I began watching, having been briefed by this list
      > among others. This might be an indication the first target
      > audience is the fans of the novels. The manga seemed a little
      > less confusing at the start than the anime.
      > Another reason I like the series, beyond those already cited,
      > is the music. I have enjoyed listening to the audio tracks
      > of the anime, when I've had time.
      > Several series I like have this sort of slice-of-life
      > quality, where "nothing" seems to happen, and it's all about
      > the characters and the setting. I'm working my way slowly
      > through Aria right now (though the rest of my life is
      > taking most of my time). Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
      > would be another example. Further from Yuri subtexts
      > I might add Fruits Basket, and To Heart TV.
      > It's not that I dislike other kinds of stories/settings, but I
      > I've got a higher tolerance for quiet, understated stories.
      > --
      > Albert Lunde albert-lunde@...
      > atlunde@... (new address for personal mail)
      > albert-lunde@... (old address)

      I read the wikipedia page on it (as I do with everything I watch)
      before watching it. So I knew who the characters were. I wasn't
      confused. Maybe I shouldn't have, trying to figure it out could have
      kept my attention perhaps.

      I guess I just like stuff to happen, or problems to actually be a
      problem. I think the art really put me off of it though. It was just
      ugly. The scenary was nice, but the characters were freaky looking. I
      only bothered to watch one OVA, which was somewhat better than the
      series, as at least there was an actual problem, but they somehow
      were able to make the art worse. The animation was noticably better,
      but the art took a turn for the worse.

      All the series seems to have good for it is realistic unique
      characters. Though they were uninteresting characters in my opinion.

      Then again, like I said before. My problem is probably that Marimite
      requires that you are able to grasp "slice of live," mundane,
      interrelationship dynamics between a normal group of friends. While
      that is something that plain excapes me.

      I understand problems that matter, but most things people act like
      are problems appeal trivial and unimportant to me. I just can't grasp
      what the problem is.

      I do like relationship driven stories, I have written a few (poor
      ones) myself. I just think there should be real problems before it
      can be interesting. A problem that won't really have any longterm
      effect or significance, or could be easily solved by an honest
      confrontation isn't a problem at all in my opinion. In such a
      situation I see the individual as the problem.
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