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[OT] Utopia RE: [Yuricon] Re: A little Buffy for everyone?

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  • Mitchell Gilks
    ... beyond ... Public ... punishable by ... felt ... the ... a ... Anyone who thinks totalitarianism is a good idea under any condition is a evil individual in
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 8, 2008
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "mara_papimer"
      <in_the_name_of_union7@...> wrote:
      > > Well I feel kind of like an idiot now. After reading about Thomas
      > > More. He invented the word utopia, and his vision of it was
      > > freightening, and place where I wouldn't be allowed to exist.
      > > disent without permission, and in a the proper forum is
      punishable by
      > > death. Bordering on totalitarianism.
      > That certainly sounds bad if you think of the dictator as just some
      > random jerk.
      > There are scarier ideas though, like Plato's ideal nation ruled by
      > 'perfect' Philosopher kings (who would pretty much do what Plato
      > was virtuous). Or Hobbes's idea of the leviathan, a ruler who's
      > citizens give up their freedom to but the leviathan in turn has no
      > obligations to the citizens whatsoever and is only required to
      > maintain order.
      > Totalitarianism does sound scary but that is often because we give
      > part of dictator to an imagined bastard. If instead people imagined
      > dictatorship in which they the pictured themselves as the ruler, a
      > fraction of people's opinions would change somewhat.

      Anyone who thinks totalitarianism is a good idea under any condition
      is a evil individual in my opinion. There are lots of bad ideas of

      We are a conceited lot indeed. I am pretty conceited when it comes to
      myself, but I have absolutely no desire to tell other people want to
      do, especially on subjects that have no demonstratable correct course
      of action.

      Of course 4 billion people dream of a celestial dictatorship. Where
      totalitarianism can be excercised in it's absolute form. All privacy
      and dignity stripped away. Complete and absolute invigilation of
      every thought and action.

      I'll stop hear before I shoot off a 17 page polemical diatribe. I
      don't want to hijack the topic.
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