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Re: Article in WaiWai this morning.

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  • gilksm
    ... back to men. 30% male readership means 70% female. But somehow the survival of the genre depends on the 30%. ... said that, but not that way. I never read
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 27, 2008
      > That's always the way it is...anything about women, always comes
      back to men. 30% male readership means 70% female. But somehow the
      survival of the genre depends on the 30%.
      > Having done a bunch of interviews, I can tell you that he probably
      said that, but not that way. I never read interviews with me, because
      it's never what I said, the way I said it. :-)
      > He was right about YH needing a flagship series though. I think SSS
      might be it, but they need to push it more.
      > Cheers,
      > Erica

      Heh, not as if I will be informing you of anything, being that you
      are actually in the business of publishing, which I would think is
      intimately tied into marketing. Though, I would think that any
      marketer, or pulisher is going to attempt to sell to the largest
      group, regardless of anything else. That is why so many things that
      seem like that had so much potential sucks ass, because they pander
      to the majority, and what they want to see.

      The majority of people into this are women, (I'm just learning that
      now) yet the amount of women that like yuri and are not lesbians are
      likely easily offset by the amount of women that do not like it an
      are lesbians. So, at the best best a marketer could only hope to
      interest 10% of women. While the amount of of potential males that
      would be interested in yuri, I would think, is at least potentially
      far greater. I remember reading when I joined this group recently
      that the members between women and men are split pretty even, if that
      is true that only 30% of readers are men, then I am confused on a few
      issues. Meanly, I thought that all guys, beyond the insanely
      religious (and them secretly) love lesbians. I would think even a
      large number of gay men would enjoy yuri, to at least relate or
      something (though that is 100% speculation, do you like yaoi?).

      My extremely long winded point was that if I were a marketer, then I
      would think that it is a no brainer that the overwhelming vast
      majority of potential readers are male...though the numbers don't add
      up to that assumption? Where have I, and I suspect them as well, gone

      Though, in any case, I can completely understand how annoying it is
      when something that should by all rights be designed with people like
      you in mind, is changed to pander to another group for sales
      purposes, and it's actual potential not met. Personally, I think that
      yuri written by women for women has a certain built in emotionality,
      and authenticity that they otherwise lack.
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