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RE: [Yuricon] Morinaga Milk on Comic HiPa~ web radio

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  • Erica Friedman
    ... Thanks for the link - and the synopsis! :-) Leave that to your imagination...ugh. (I say - no personally.) Cheers, Erica Yuricon - For real women who
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 8, 2008
      > To: yuri-ml@...; yuricon@yahoogroups.com
      > From: esubramanian1@...
      > Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 10:04:21 -0500
      > Subject: [Yuricon] Morinaga Milk on Comic HiPa~ web radio
      > Morinaga Milk is the special guest on the latest installment of Comic
      > HiPa~ web radio (put out by the magazine that Girl Friends runs in). Go
      > to http://www.animate.tv/digital/web_radio/detail_106.html and click on
      > the orange "play" button for #24 to listen to it (you might need to use
      > a browser other than Firefox). The whole thing is about 50 minutes long,
      > but Morinaga is introduced at 13:30.
      > In addition to oh-so-thrilling revelations like Morinaga's favorite
      > hairstyle (she likes long, straight hair), we also find out that
      > Morinaga loves drawing girls (duh) and takes in stray cats (Aww!). One
      > listener straight-out asks her if she's "yuriha" (part of the "yuri
      > faction"), to which she gives the standard "I'll leave that to your
      > imagination" reply. This question inspires a discussion on all-girl
      > schools, though. Another interesting bit: Morinaga typically doesn't
      > plan out her multi-chaptered series, but she has planned out the next
      > several chapters of Girl Friends.
      > Towards the end, there's a "confirm this rumor" section, and Morinaga
      > confirms that Girl Friends will be going monthly soon, which is nice.

      Thanks for the link - and the synopsis! :-)

      Leave that to your imagination...ugh. (I say - "no" personally.)



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