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RE: [Yuricon] Haibane Renmei: the moment.

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  • Erica Friedman
    Contact me and we ll get it up on Yuri StudiosCheers,EricaYuricon - For real women who like their women...animated. http://www.yuricon.orgHungry for Yuri?
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 31, 2008
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      Contact me and we'll get it up on Yuri Studios



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      From: haruchin@...
      Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 13:39:30 +0000
      Subject: RE: [Yuricon] Haibane Renmei: the moment.

      Hmm... It's interesting to read about people's takes on HR as yuri, because honestly I have never been able to see it as such. Admittedly I watched and fell in love with it before I had really gotten into yuri fandom, but Rakka and Reki always seemed to have a relationship that was incredibly deep but not romantic - something based on care and love that wasn't anything about sexual attraction. In fact, fanfic that puts them together makes me flinch a bit because it doesn't feel quite right.
      That said, I once put an AMV together of the pair of them that on reflection could very well be taken as yuri - I suppose it echoes the series in that respect - even though that wasn't at all my intent. Some of that might be the song though. I used Sinead O'Connor's "This is to Mother You", which also includes a large helping of "care=love" symbolism.
      I'd upload it to the files section, but I've forgotten my yahoo login, and in a terribly annoying twist, although I can get all the group emails, I can't get into the yahoo site. Yes, I am an idiot.

      To: yuricon@yahoogroups.com
      From: alecto_fury@...
      Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:24:38 -0500
      Subject: RE: [Yuricon] Haibane Renmei: the moment.

      To: Yuricon@yahoogroups .com
      > From: puni@internode. on.net
      > Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 09:15:27 +0000
      > Subject: [Yuricon] Haibane Renmei: the moment.
      > I think I've realised the *exact* moment HAIBANE RENMEI became a yuri
      > anime for me.
      > See, there's two types of yuri couples for me: The one's that have
      > "out n' proud" yuri moments (where there's no debate about ambiguity.
      > Kisses = yuri couple i.e. Utena movie), and the ones that don't BUT I
      > SAY IT'S YURI DAMMIT. Those latter one's tend to be the more beloved
      > of the two; the one's I get emotionally invested in because I
      > thoroughly approve of the couple and the lack of open yuri forces me
      > to create Happily Ever After epilogues for them in my mindscape.

      It's definitely a place where a lot more people write fanfic and such. I'm much more likely to write something for the
      obvious out couple, because I don't have time or energy for people who can't be bothered to be unambiguous. lol

      > And there it is. The reaction to Rakka's innocent "Reki?" musing.
      > Not so much an embarrassed exasperation, not a beleaguered "oh...
      > nothing", or any such thing. Complete panic. The stammering, the
      > rushed assurances pushed through forced grinning (you can hear it in
      > the voice). Right there... that's it.

      Me too. That was pretty much it. The relationship I saw built up slowly, but even from the beginning, you can see that the two of them are thinking about each other more than anyone else. But yeah - that moment did it for me too.



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