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(O.T.) Musings of recent events

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  • Elwin "Blaine" Coldiron
    I m sure many of you are aware of the death of actor Heath Ledger, the Oscar-nominated star of Brokeback Mountain . However, as I m of the habit of leaving
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2008
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      I'm sure many of you are aware of the death of actor Heath Ledger,
      the Oscar-nominated star of "Brokeback Mountain". However, as I'm of
      the habit of leaving the radio on when I go to bed, I was outraged to
      hear on the morning broadcast of a denuciation of Ledger by the
      Westboro Perverts (the Westboro Baptist Church), you know, those
      disrespectful idiots that picket the funerals of our fallen soldiers
      because of their belief that God is punishing the United States for
      being tolerant to homosexuals.

      I happened to take a look at the whole situation, as well as a
      profile on the Westboro Perverts on Wikipedia. Frankly, I think
      these idiots are thriving on all the publicity they have been
      getting. My opinion is that we should just ignore these jerks. Then
      maybe they'll get the hint that they're not relavent, and maybe go

      BTW, I looked at the targets the Westboro Perverts, and some of the
      targets caught me off guard. It seems that homosexuals and
      transgenders are not their only targets. They are also anti-
      Catholic, anti-Semite, anit-Islamic... in fact, I think they hate
      everyone that doesn't think or believe like them (ya think?). And
      some the people they had denunciated after their deaths frankly
      shocked me - like Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers), Ruth Graham (Billy
      Graham's wife), Ronald Reagan (40th President of the United States),
      and so forth. Clearly I think these people need to get their minds a
      serious Roto-Rooter treatment!

      Anyway, here is the link to the targets. Then I'll leave you to
      scratch your heads in disbelief (I know I am).


      (BTW - these opinions are from a straight man that LOVES yuri)

      Elwin Blaine Coldiron
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