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Re: Time to welcome and indoctrinate new members!

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  • rinucz
    Hi, it has been a long time since I signed on but better later than never ... internet as Rinu, my long-term nickname. My native language is Czech, so bear
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2008
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      it has been a long time since I signed on but better later than never
      :) So here i am. My name is Michaela but I am mainly known on the
      internet as Rinu, my long-term nickname. My native language is
      Czech, so bear with me :) I got into yuri through... ugh, it's weird
      but I am not really sure. I guess my first yuri (but no anime) was
      Mai Hime. It would throw light on my heavy affection for this series.
      I was so purely impressed by the beauty of yuri world. How often do
      you have oportunity see live-action lesbian content in some sci-fi or
      fantasy? So I was in anime fangirl mode about the year and after
      that I discovered manga world too. I am not quite sure about what was
      my online first-timer (I am pretty sure it's Lililicious scan ^^) but
      my first hardcover manga was Shoujo Kakumei Utena. I am lazy, so I
      mostly watch anime and manga is something what I read occasionaly
      because I like to read it in hardcover version. These days I am
      trying to show a glory of yuri another Czech guys because our yuri
      fandom (Imagine some western-like city with flying haysstacks and you
      get the picture.) is about me and one girl who is lately little out.
      Ehm, let's say she is dreaming about her Japanese teacher. Happily
      she has read Doropanda yet, so my more cultivated Czech talks about
      yuri isn't completely dead ^^. I found a small yuri website http://
      yurizoku.org where I could collect other yuri fans. Ooh, I soo don't
      like this selfpresent thing but it's polite ^^;. It looks horrible
      but I have no time... Ok, I have no mood for more updates. But more
      php invasion is prepared. I am trying to write on my blog (http://
      rinu-cz.blogspot.com) about my opinion of yuri stuff too. But... I am
      lazy person, I know it, so there isn't so many posts lately.

      My favorite yuri anime is Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Series is purely
      excellent and the movie is nice fluff which I rewatch when I want to
      relax. It's one from many others. Devilman Lady, Azumanga Daioh, Mai
      Hime, Maria-sama ga Miteru... *Rinu is trying really hard to
      remember because she isn't good in count her favorite things* I like
      each for something else. Devil Lady for her storyline and mood.
      Azumanga for crazy humour which make me hysterically laughing. Mai
      Hime for relaxing athmosfere and quite interesting twist in the half.
      Be honest, after MH I started thinking I have really serious problem
      with crush on cool psycho lesbians ^^. And Marimite, it's obvious. A
      virtuosity of characters, non-angsty stories, no emo love triangle,
      relaxing mood. It's a piece which make me feel really romantic. And
      I don't have to forget about Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S which was
      so... I don't know. I was like "OMG, this is the anime with THE
      pair." StarS was even yurish but on my taste too sexized. It's
      sad there isn't the second anime with such cool pairing which can
      shake with the storyline pretty strong.

      My favorite yuri mangaka is Hayashiya-sensei who can writes terrific
      comedies. I am looking forward to HxB by dutiful Seven Seas. Apart
      from her I like Tadeno-sensei for her mature looking women who live
      normal live and Nanzaki-sensei for his fluffy smut ^^.

      Oh, I look at the mail and it's huge O__o. So remain only one
      thing - Nice to meet you.

      With kind regards

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