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Re: [Yuricon] A thanks to you all!

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  • Trixterpriest@aol.com
    I hope your New Year is as full of wonderful surprises Kat ;) *does a little holiday dance* Kun
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      I hope your New Year is as full of wonderful surprises Kat ;)

      *does a little holiday dance*


      > Arigoto Minna!
      > I got some of the christmas cards and what not you've sent and you've turned
      > this sad lonely girls Christmas around. Here I am working away, my mind not
      > really aware it is Christmas at all. Just me and my Cat...(how sterotypical)
      > Only to discover I'm not truly alone at all. Thanks >^_^<
      > This is turning out to be such an odd Christmas that I'm not sure what to
      > say... Tha oddest has to be just a couple minutes ago when I got a call from
      > a fold friend and she had something for me and wanted to drop by for a
      > moment before heading off to see family. I was alittle puzzeled but agree.
      > She gave me the gift and told me not to worry because I'd given her one
      > before. Now I was really confused, it turns out that I gave her something
      > well over a year ago for Christmas and she didn't give me anything in
      > return, then she was thinking about me while Christmas shopping and saw the
      > perfect gift, A CCS Calendar. She knew I was a Sakura fan and eve apoligies
      > for the Calendar saying "Cardcaptors" in the front but she checked to make
      > sure that was the only place. Then she just ran off. It is strange the
      > people who return into your life when you are single again.
      > Anyways, Hope you are all having a fun holiday. I'll treasure everything
      > you've sent. Only wish there was something more I could do instead of e
      > mailing like this.
      > Merry Christmas!
      > ja ne
      > Kat
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