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RE: [Yuricon] Re: How many New Yuri anime came out?

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  • Erica Friedman
    To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.comFrom: rikashi@gmail.comDate: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 04:35:23 +1000Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Re: How many New Yuri anime came out? ... Right
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 24, 2007

      To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.com
      From: rikashi@...
      Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 04:35:23 +1000
      Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Re: How many New Yuri anime came out?

      > Although the series so far is barely tolerable, Dragonaut does feature a fairly canon lesbian couple in one of the dragon/pilot pairs. It's mostly for fanservice, but with shot's like this I'm not complaining.
      Right  - that was the one I kept trying to remember. Thanks. :-)

      > And I'm amazed that you can be so pessimistic about Blue Drop. Check out eps 3 and 4 if you haven't already. Even aside from the yuri I've been enjoying every minute of it. Obviously it's not for everyone but I'd have thought someone who fangirls Simoun could enjoy Blue Drop for the same reasons.

      Not at all pessimistic! I am totally realistic about expectations. Blue Drop manga has some Yuri, but not anything like a single functional love relationship. I see no reason to think that the anime - which is almost always more ambiguous than manga - will be more likely to. Girls who were invvolved in some traumatic event in the past, obsessing over one another, doesn't, in my 40-year old brain, exactly = love relationship. Might be, could be, I still don't think we're getting hug, kiss, I love you, or anything. We don't, usually.
      I am enjoying the heck out of the anime, as it happens. :-) Guess you missed my posts saying that. But, I can enjoy an anime and not think it's going to be the Next Big Yuri Thing. lol



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