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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Claymore Ending and manga - Warning MASSIVE spoilers and rant

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  • stonegarden@comcast.net
    I actually looked more into the link. Afraid to say it had more to do with a psyched out claymore too close to childhood than to yuri. Return to mother was
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      I actually looked more into the link.  Afraid to say it had more to do with a psyched out claymore too close to childhood than to yuri.  Return to mother was what that was all about.
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      > Was anyone else as irritated by that ending as I was?

      It was kind of what I expected from the very first episode, to be
      honest. As soon as Raki was introduced, his eternal whining was never
      going to go away, and I assumed that it would be he who saved Clare's
      soul...whether she needed it or not.

      Of course I wanted him to die horribly. Who in their right mind
      wouldn't? He was sniveling and pathetic. But he was the only lead guy
      in the show. If every single other character in the show died, he was
      guaranteed to survive. :-)

      I liked that Helen and Deneve seemed to form an actual bond there,
      and Jeanne (voiced ever so hunkily by Mitsuishi Kotono) came off as
      having more than just "I owe you" feelings for Clare. I really liked
      Deneve's relationship - if you can call it that - wit h Undine, as
      well. I would have loved to learn a little more about Miria, as well.

      But I can't say I had high expectations for this anime. I know a lot
      of people said it was awesome - I never saw the awesome. The plot was
      pretty predictable, ditto the outcome. I thought it ended pretty much
      as I expected.

      Definitely the bits where Raki was out of the story were
      significantly more entertaining. :-)

      I have to say, too, that I don't see "Yuri" in that screencap you
      linked to. Ripping of clothes does not, in my mind, equal "Yuri." But
      that's *my* reading and you obviously have a different point of view.



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