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Re: [Yuricon] A OVA to Anime question

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  • Haruchin Chigusa
    ... Apart from the fact that in those cases the animes came first, and the mangas are the adaptions. Pretty poor ones too, unfortunately. Superior adaptions
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 2, 2007
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      > i would have to say that the anime mai-hime and mai-otome are an
      >improvement of the originall manga .

      Apart from the fact that in those cases the animes came first, and the
      mangas are the adaptions. Pretty poor ones too, unfortunately.

      Superior adaptions are certainly few and far between, but then that makes
      sense. After all, making something in a new format that is actually superior
      to the original material is very difficult and certainly a thankless task.

      I do like the way Bleach has gone from manga to anime. Yes, there is a large
      amount of filler, but that's something that can't be helped given the
      situation, and at least the scriptwriters managed to pull together new plots
      and do some character development. On the whole when it comes to manga
      content, they've stuck very close to the source, and everything they've
      added has been for the better. The best example of this has been in the last
      few episodes. There is additional material in there, but it's all for good
      character motivation and development reasons, and I love it. Yes, I know the
      whole Tatsuki / Orihime thing is never going to happen, as it's a one-way
      attraction at best, and most likely is just a good old-fashioned close
      friendship, but it's really nice to see the relationship treated with
      respect. More screentime for Tatsuki has to be a good thing!

      In general I like it when production teams are willing to make changes in
      the original material. What works in one format isn't necessarily going to
      work in another, and if changes need to be made for the sake of clarity,
      pacing or whatever else, it's definitely a plus when the production is
      prepared to face down the fanbase. What isn't so good is when unnecessary
      changes are made. I know it's not in the least bit yuri (and therefore
      off-topic - apologies), but recently Bokurano has been annoying me on this
      level. I understand the need to edit for content, and to change the order of
      events for added impact, but here they've changed things to make them
      actually *less dramatic*. They've taken out things and added things that
      manage to totally ruin character insights and personal journeys, and more or
      less negates the whole point of the manga. Very very irritating.

      However (to get back on topic), I do find that OVAs to anime adaptions tend
      to be pretty good. I think that's probably down to the fact that OVAs give
      you the pared down bones of the plot, and then series are free to add extra
      material to build on characters and give audiences a great insight into
      events. Given the choice between OVAs and series I would usually go for the
      series every time. The art and animation may be inferior, but the stories
      are often a lot more satisfying.

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