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Re: Random HxB Question

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  • atheniag
    ... CDs ... Cool for you! Fantastic - perfect. ;-) I don t ... Yukino ... How about the flashback sound effect. Cracks me up every time! ... It s when she says
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2007
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Haruchin Chigusa" <haruchin@...>
      > Finally got my hands on the first and mini Hayate x Blade drama
      > yesterday... How fantastic are they? How perfect is the casting?

      Cool for you! Fantastic - perfect. ;-)

      I don't
      > think I've ever heard anyone doing uncontrollable anger as well as
      > Satsuki does it - just a whole world of awesome.

      How about the flashback sound effect. Cracks me up every time!

      It's when she says that
      > she'll follow Moko-chan anywhere, and the line goes on from that
      > "Tsuitekimasu dokomademo, ano you koete ne honma de."

      Which is, of course, the BEST line in the disk.

      > Is she deliberately copying Moko-chan? Or maybe quoting her? Or is
      that her
      > genuine accent? She didn't speak enough in either the mini-CD or
      the main CD
      > to let me know for certain. Anyone got any ideas?

      I haven't seen her say more than a line or two recently in the
      manga, but I have the most recent chapter right here and she doesn't
      seem to speak with an accent on a regular basis.

      We need to ask Noto Mamiko to know for certain. But we can
      conjecture. I think that she is copying her, a little. It's obvious
      that Isuzu is smitten and adores Moka-chan lots and lots. She's so
      puppydog like, I can see her unconsciously mimicking Moka-chan's

      Eh - let's just say that and be happy LFGs. :-)



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