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Iono-sama Fanatics, Final Chapter - Spoilers, Yes. Huge Spoilers.

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  • atheniag
    This month s Dengeki Daioh contained the final chapter of Iono-sama Fanatics (because the magazine it ran in, Dengeki Teioh, was cancelled, and it needed one
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2007
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      This month's Dengeki Daioh contained the final chapter of "Iono-sama
      Fanatics" (because the magazine it ran in, Dengeki Teioh, was
      cancelled, and it needed one more chapter to be able to be collected
      into the second volume that was just released.)

      I thought I would give you a brief synopsis of the story, but I want
      to warn you that this will be pretty much 100% spoilers. If you don't
      want to know, then I strngly suggest you stop reading right about
      now. :-)

      This is Spoiler Space

      And so is this

      And this

      And this

      Okay, so. The last chapter is an epilogue, which happens to be
      something that makes my toes wiggle. I love seeing everyone a few
      years later. Beats me why, except that they all look older, which I

      The last chapter follows Iono-sama as she, you guessed it, looks for
      sobame. Eto looks much more mature and together (and kinda hot in
      that dress...) and even Aruji is grown up. Iono-sama and Eto go to
      the cemmetery to leave flowers on Eto's parents grave, where Eto
      tells them that she's incredibly happy now, when they are attacked a
      bunch of black suited no-names, who are quickly defeated by an new
      member of Iono-sama's team, Corneille Nocturne. (Yay!)

      Frechet and Arata arrive a little late because, apparently, their
      child was fussing. They gaze lovingly down on their baby. Every makes
      googly eyes at them.

      Iono-sama gathers her team of crack sobame (the sum of which has now
      swelled to 5000) and heads off to - find more sobame!

      The end.

      And we can be assured that this is happily ever after. :)

      I've got the second volume of the manga on order, but probably won't
      get it due to something else completely until end of October. I'll be
      sure to let you know how it goes. :-)



      Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!
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