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Re: [Yuricon] Maria-sama ga Miteru OAV 5, Ciao Sorella

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  • bystrouska@free.fr
    Hey all, Sorry I m a bit late on jumping on the Ciao Sorella bandwagon, but only today did I have the opportunity to have my mum sit down and watch it with me
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 10, 2007
      Hey all,

      Sorry I'm a bit late on jumping on the Ciao Sorella bandwagon, but only today did I have the opportunity to have my mum sit down and watch it with me so that I could be sure I would understand more than just Yumi's postcard and the parakeet's final words. :) (After all, we had to marathon the whole Haru and first four OAVs prior to that. I'm happy to report that my mum has subsequently become an absolute Marimite fan, on top of being a Sei fangirl already. lol)

      I really enjoyed the OAV; it was nice to see more of Tsutako and Mami. Yoshino continues to grow on me, too. And the scenes with Shizuka were real sweet, too – I just love how subtle and complex of a relationship she seems to be having with Shimako. (Ah, the wonderful subtleties of the extended Shiro Bara family…)

      Anyway, I just wanted to add, after reading Erica's review, that we thought the seiyuu's commentary was totally hilarious. It was amusing to notice how everytime Rei appears onscreen, someone utters the word "koibito" (lover)… but what *really* cracked me up was the moment, towards the end, when they start musing about what Sei's Italian activities might have been ("walking around snogging Shizuka, probably"), and then ramble about how, while it's ok for Sei to do so, it's totally scandalous for her to be there doing this during *their* schooltrip. LOL

      Speaking of service – while we watched the OAV with the original track, when Yoshino and Rei walked away from the inn the night before the school trip, I paused the video as I wasn't sure I'd gotten what Yoshino had just said. I turned towards my mum, expecting her to translate, only to find her staring at the screen, totally spacing out. When I asked her to translate, she started and answered "Oh, sorry, I, uh, I completely forgot to focus on the dialogue… I was just… watching Rei-sama…" ROFL
      So, how far will they go into 4th season before Rei stops being bishounen-ish and just plain turns into a young Japanese David Bowie? XD

      But, yeah, all in all, it was a real nice way to end this third season. Can't wait for the follow-up. :)


      Le 28 juil. 07 à 12:04, Adam Jones a écrit :

      On Fri, 27 Jul 2007 20:35:37 -0000
      "atheniag" <anilesbocon01@ hotmail.com > wrote:

      > The OAV was as I had hoped. The animation was not stunning, but it 
      > wasn't as bad as "Ready, Go!" either.

      This one was definitely *much* better than the previous episode.
      Then again, perhaps I'm just feeling appreciative for all the
      Shimako-service. (So I'm easy to please. Deal. ;)

      > I think they nailed the scene with Shizuka singing - kudos to the 
      > sound mixers.

      That scene definitely worked surprisingly well. I thought it was also
      nice to finally get some decent development of Yoshino in this story.
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