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New Lililicious Releases - If I Kiss Her Ring Finger (from Yuri Hime 2) and Princess Kaguya (from Yuri Shimai 5)

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    If I Kiss Her Ring Finger, by Morinaga Milk, is the sequel to Even if We re Not Friends (from the first issue of Yuri Shimai). Nana wants to take things
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      "If I Kiss Her Ring Finger," by Morinaga Milk, is the sequel to "Even if
      We're Not Friends" (from the first issue of Yuri Shimai). Nana wants to
      take things farther with Hitomi, but Hitomi doesn't seem interested.
      Meanwhile, Nana's failed her midterms, and she uses the make-up tests as
      an excuse to avoid Hitomi.
      Since this is the last story in Morinaga Milk's Kisses, Sighs, and
      Cherry-Blossom Pink book, we're releasing a full zip of the book as well
      (there's nothing in there that isn't in the individual zips, so you
      don't need to download it if you've already downloaded the one-shots).
      Direct downloads of the zip file are available at
      http://www.lililicious.net/doc.php?id=yurihime#ksacp and a torrent is
      available at
      Though Morinaga Milk stopped drawing for the magazine after Yuri Hime 4,
      there are still two more "Nana and Hitomi" stories to look forward to:
      "Chocolate Kiss Kiss" and "Wishing on the Moon."

      "Princess Kaguya," by Ruri Hozuki and Sakura Shio, is a yuri version of
      the famous Japanese legend. It's an illustrated story rather than a manga.
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