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Re: [Yuricon] [OTish but feel-good] Lesbian politician in Japan gets hitched

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  • Carrie Robertson
    There s also a pretty good section on her in Kickboxing Geisha
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 5, 2007
      There's also a pretty good section on her in Kickboxing Geisha by Veronica Chambers (pp 233-240.)

      atheniag wrote:

      From Pink News:

      Japan's first openly lesbian politician celebrated her same-sex
      partnership on Sunday, a month before elections for Japan's upper

      Kanako Otsuji, 32, is a candidate for the Democratic Party of Japan
      in next month's election for the House of Councillors.

      She tied the knot with her partner of four years, Maki Kimura, 32.

      Full article here:

      http://www.pinknews .co.uk/news/ articles/ 2005-4557. html

      I'm currently reading "Emerging Lesbian Voices From Japan" and it's
      depressing the heck out of me, so this piece of news simply made me
      happy. The picture on the article just makes me smile. :-)

      ...I can't help but think that if even a few people in Japan are
      brave enough to force change, things would change pretty quickly.
      Everytime I'm there, it strikes me as a country poised on the brink
      of change but no one wants to be the one to be the first, which is
      admittedly a miserable and difficult position in any culture, much
      less in the group-centric East.

      But I digress. Best wishes to the happy couple and good luck in the
      elections to Otsuji-san.



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