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Re: Yuri Lexicon, Yuriccionary? anyone?

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  • atheniag
    ... Forum ... know ... then. ... This was one of the questions I received for this week s utter nonsense question post at Okazu, as well. In short: Loser
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29, 2007
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Aereal Reis" <neo_hrtgdv@...> wrote:
      > I am doing a topic in the Mistikal Moon Hispanic Yuri Community
      > about common and not so common terms, and lexicon we might see in
      > talks and places about yuri.
      > I did this because many people is totally new to yuri and doesn't
      > much about it, much less the obscure words we use every now and
      > So I'm asking for your help to make one (in english of course) so I
      > can also tell the ones that speak Spanish. for now I have a few:
      > LFB/LFG

      This was one of the questions I received for this week's "utter
      nonsense" question post at Okazu, as well.

      In short: Loser FanBoy or FanGirls are characterized by their
      inability to tell crap stories from good.

      An anime or manga has LFB material, if the scene makes a person go
      "hunh, hunh" like Beavis and Butthead might...in other words,
      egregious use of things like jiggling breasts and underwea for no
      reason at all, except that it is still assumed that the average anime
      fan is a socially retarded horny loser.

      LoserFanGirl material is something that makes the viewer squeal for
      no good reason, really. Things like hideously adorable sem-deformed
      characters or fluffy animals and half naked absurdly proportioned
      boys who look exactly like girls acting and sounding like girls, but
      who are understood to be boys.

      > EPL

      Evil Psycho Lesbian was a phrase I coined because I find psychotic
      nastiness in a woman unbearably sexy. (I'm a total LFG for a good
      EPL). Because so many of the anime/manga characters I like evince the
      quality of being evil simply for the sake of being so, I created the
      acronym to save time when i type. :-)

      > SPCD

      I'm not really sure what that is. If you took it from an Okazu post,
      I was probably shortening "Strawberry Panic Drama CD." I commonly
      shorten Drama CD to DCD.

      > Tachi/Butch
      > Neko/Femme

      I'm not touching this. :-) There are about 400 terminolgy sites for
      common lesbian/gay terms online. I strongly recommend this one: http:/
      /www.bravissima.com/english/databank/d_lmn.htm It covers Japanese and
      Englsih terms.

      > Moe

      There are also a gazillion definitions for this word out there and a
      whole wikipedia entry on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moe_(slang)

      > Shoujo-ai

      This is a term that was coined in the late 1990's by an American
      woman who was a fan of what was then called "shounenai" (now more
      commonly and properly reffered to as Yaoi, or Boy's Love.) She and a
      number of other fans did not want to admit that they liked Yuri, as
      they interpreted that to mean "lesbian porn for guys" so they created
      a term that was an analog to "shounenai" (Boy Love) which was
      "shoujoai," i.e., Girl Love. Because the bias against the word Yuri
      was so strong, it became accepted that "shoujoai" stories were
      romantic and sweet while Yuri was explicit sex - this way these women
      could say that they liked, say, Haruke and Michiru from Sailor Moon,
      but they weren't "Yuri" fans.

      Since the word shoujoai was made up here in the west and never used
      in Japan at all, and because the word "Yurizoku" (Yuri tribe) was
      originally coined to describe lesbians, not lesbian porn, I decided
      to use Yuri, as opposed to shoujoai, when I created Yuricon to
      celebrate this genre. In a sense, I was "reclaiming" the word -
      taking it back from the LFBs who had pre-empted it, and using it
      blatantly in front of the women who were too precious to admit they
      liked watching the girls kiss. Hence, the genre I pioneered is
      "Yuri," not "shoujoai."

      Ironically, some publishers in Japan now use the English term "Girls
      Love" to denote the category - as an analog to "Boys Love." Hoe
      freakishly full circle, huh? :-)


      Hope that helps!


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