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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Notes on Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel 17, "Ciao, Sorella!" Part

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  • Erica Friedman
    ... I have to agree with this. She s average girl , but she s still an average girl in a extremely high level private school. Noriko s the only really
    Message 1 of 22 , Feb 22, 2007
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      >I definitely agree with this. Yumi being the first-persona narrator and
      >also being the 'underdog' > type has made her seem like she also takes
      >this role, but by the time of the 2nd year books I > don't think it's
      >the case.

      I have to agree with this. She's "average girl", but she's still an average
      girl in a extremely high level private school. Noriko's the only really
      "average" girl we've seen, unless you count Youko, who transfered in in
      middle school and who, we learned, has to work very hard to remain on top

      >In the next book after Italy, which covers the culture festival (I'd say
      >spoilers, but it's not remotely >surprising to anyone who's read the
      >previous books and synopses), it's noted quite a bit how >incredibly
      >popular Yumi is. Both with the new first-years, and with the guys in
      >Yuuki's school. >Yumi has basically become the dream that all these
      >kids have - she caught the eye of the amazing >Sachiko, without being
      >particularly gorgeous (like Shimako) or having connections (like Yoshino

      We've encountered this a few times - Touko tells Yumiko-san, for instance
      how popular Yumi is and Yumi's encountered it (and handled it gracefully) a
      few times, too.

      >In Rainy Blue, there was a brief scene where the 3 melancholy boutons
      >(well, 2 boutons and > Shimako) are walking along, depressed, and the
      >first years all goggle at how awesome they are. >Yumi especially has their
      >love for not being perfect. Ironically, this is possibly why Noriko had a
      >far >less difficult time than Touko/Kanako do with being a soeur candidate.
      > Shimako *is* perfect >(except she's not, but hey, first-year eyes), so
      >was less desirable.


      >Yumi, despite her best efforts, is now one of the elite. :D

      And she's well aware of it, which does her credit, because knowing it, the
      old Yumi might have been crushed under the pressure (and almost did, at last
      graduation, where she made herself sick from overwork.)

      I think Rainy Blue was significant too because Yumi's classmates, who of all
      people would be the ones most likely to be jealous and petty, stepped in a
      supported her when she was falling; in a way that Yoshino and Shimako
      couldn't simply because they were Yamayurikai. It made Yumi realize two
      things - she was still "one of the girls" and that, when given a choice
      between being one of the girls and one of the elite...she wanted to be one
      of the elite.

      A lot changed right there.

      Which is yet again why I say that Konno Oyuki is a great writer. because
      Yumi has matured tremendously, while never losing her essential
      average-ness. It's what makes her so insanely opular with the first-years,
      and with her own class. Yoshino's insane, Shimako is perfect. Yumi is...one
      of the girls.



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