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Yuri Hime 7, quickie overview

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  • atheniag
    Hi all - I did a full-length review of Yuri Hime 7 on Okazu, so if you want detail and synopses/spoilers, take a look over there: http://okazu.blogspot.com I
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      Hi all -

      I did a full-length review of "Yuri Hime 7" on Okazu, so if you want
      detail and synopses/spoilers, take a look over there:

      I just want to point out a few key things here, since I know there are
      folks who read the list, but aren't tuning into Okazu. :-)

      One - this issue was really strong. There's a tremendous variety in
      art, stories, ages, and pretty much something for everyone. From the
      exceedingly sugary sweet, to more adult, with some forays into wacky
      and OMFG...what is THAT???? lol

      For people following the ongoing series, there's a new Strawberry
      Shake Sweet and it's great. Really great. I liked this chapter so
      much, in every way, right down to the panel structure. Since she's hit
      the bigtime, I think Hayashiya's art has tightened up considerably,
      and there's a measure of maturity in her work recently that's
      instantly appealing. This chapter nails all the best qualities of her

      The story by Taishi Zaoh and Eiki Eiki (and I apologize if I get their
      names wrong, for some reason they simply don't stick in my head right)
      that began a zillion years ago has finally come to a conclusion. The
      story, which started as a few scattered one-, two- and three-shots,
      was pulled together in a way that I can only describe as
      "professional." As with so many of the one-shots that became series,
      the whole is significantly better than the parts. It was a good ending.

      Another arc that concludes - and much better this time around than the
      first time I encountered it in the Drama CD - is Hatsukoi Shimai. In
      the original version the lack of progression in Chika and Haruna's
      romance made me gnash my teeth in annoyance. This has been completely
      rewritten in the right direction for the conclusion of the
      "Touko-sensei, a wrench in the spokes, arrives" arc. LOL Thumbs up
      from me on the end here.

      Also notable is the absolutely horrific chapter of Tokimeki Mononoke
      Gakuen. Erin and I were talking about it and we are probably both
      still traumatized. LOL Breast/milk humor. That's all I'm saying.

      Like I said, if you want all the details of the stories, visit Okazu,
      but for the patience-impaired, there's a few key points. It's a great
      volume, I hope that if you enjoy the Lililicious translations, you'll
      buy the original, because neither artists nor publishers make a cent
      from scanlations. :-)

      Yuri Hime 7 from Amazon JP:

      And if you've read your copy already, let's chat!



      Hungry for yuri? Have some Okazu: http://okazu.blogspot.com

      Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated."
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