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Marimite OVA Collector's edition report

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  • atheniag
    This is utterly awesome. :-) First of all in case you get all enthusiastic about this, here s the link so you too, can purchase the Collector s Edition of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2006
      This is utterly awesome. :-)

      First of all in case you get all enthusiastic about this, here's the
      link so you too, can purchase the Collector's Edition of "Kohitsji no
      Kyuuka": <http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/explorer/B000HEVV8Y/2/

      Okay, so box arrives. The outside has a lovely clear plastic cover
      with Yumi and Sachiko holding hands, over the actual cover that has a
      red rose and "La Vierge Marie vous Regarde"

      Inside is a faux-leather novel cover with the Lillian seal on one
      side and the text logo for "Maria-sama ga Miteru" on the other, with
      a very cute leaf bookmark.

      There is also a Lillian folder with postcards - original art by
      Hibiki Reine of Yumi and Sachiko holding hands, of Yumi and Sachiko
      seperately, of the DVD cover and the three rose families from the
      opening credits.

      The DVD cover is, IMO not such a great picture, but it does show a
      happily embracing Yumi and Sachiko. And for once, the title of the
      story actually sounds *worse* in French. lol The booklet that comes
      with the DVD has character designs for all the characters.

      Some of you have seen the raw already. I thought it excellent. They
      kept "Pastel Pure" as the OP, which made me glad, and they managed to
      actually de-angst what is really the last of the angsty Yumi novels.

      My *only* complaint...we don't get to see/hear Touko play the violin.
      I wonder why, since we get all the other performances. And I am
      thrilled no end that Kashiwagi exlains that Great-Grandmother isn't
      infirm, she's just pissed. lol

      They definitely upped the touchy-feelyness of the story, leaving in
      pretty much every embrace and hand/arm holding. There was a moment
      when Sachiko and Yumi decide to go to the party that was animated
      exactly the way kiss scenes are done - close up, the a view from far
      away, which cued up the "romantic moment" tag in my head.

      I haven't had a chance to re-watch it with the commentary by the
      voice actresses, but I will before I review it on Okazu.

      Total thumbs up for everything - the goods, the DVD, even the box.


      Happy Fangirly Erica
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