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Re: [Yuricon] Family Complex chapter 3

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  • Shane
    This was really cute and I can t wait for more thanks for the heads up! Natsuru is rather cute and quite devious.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30 4:56 PM
      This was really cute and I can't wait for more thanks for the heads up! Natsuru is rather cute and quite devious. <3


      Erin Subramanian <esubramanian1@...> wrote:
      Family Complex, by Tsuda Mikiyo (Zaou Taishi's other pen name. Zaou
      Taishi has done manga for Yuri Shimai both alone and together with Eiki
      Eiki-- Her, Expressions of Love, She-Wolf, First Kiss, etc.), is a
      series of loosely connected stories, all about members of the Sakamoto
      family (they appear in Princess Princess too, if you've seen that). It's
      being scanlated by Dragon Voice, and they just released chapter 3 last
      Chapter 3 is about Natsuru, the eldest daughter. With her boyish good
      looks, she's the object of quite a few girls' affections (she attends a
      girls' school), but there's only one girl she feels really understands
      her-- her best friend, Shouko. Everyone thinks she and Shouko are an
      item, and Natsuru's always adding fuel to the rumors by doing things
      like hugging Shouko and kissing her hair. Poor Shouko is the target of
      all the other girls' jealousy, but she sticks with Natsuru anyway.
      Dragon Voice offers http downloads at their website: http://dragonvoice. org/
      Their IRC channel is #dragonvoice on irc.irchighway. net.


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