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Saiyuu no Ryouko: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko, Issue 44

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      [For Issue 1-39: http://www.yuricon.org/snb/
      For Issue 40: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/message/20564
      For Issue 41: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/message/20135%5d
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      Saiyuu no Ryouko: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko

      The Story So Far:
      Yuriko is still struggling with her place on the tour – and in life.
      Old friends and new enemies make the day to day interesting, in the
      old adage sense.

      Volume 3, Issue 8

      "Curtain Call"

      "No, see, that's the thing," the voice was insistent, but Yuriko
      couldn't recognize it over the crowd noise. "It *wasn't* an accident.
      She was pushed." They were obviously discussing the plot of a new
      show. Mysteries were hot this season.

      Yuriko passed through the canteen, slowing only to grab a boxed lunch
      and a can of tea.

      "Hey," someone said immediately behind her. Yuriko spun in place to
      find herself facing a tall youth whose loose, earnest face seemed out
      of place in this high-fashion and high-tension world. "Um, hi,

      It took Yuri a moment to place the boy. It had been months since she
      had seen him last. "Good morning, Togai-kun," she smiled pleasantly.
      "How have you been?"

      He shrugged, then jumped as if having been slapped. "Fine, I mean,
      good, thanks!" His face colored. "I'm working here now."

      Yuriko counted months mentally. "You left school?" She did not keep
      the disapproval out of her voice – she had hoped that a having career
      path would be the thing that kept Togai in school until graduation.
      And if her plan had failed, there'd be one angry brother after her...

      "No, I'm doing a work-study program. It's like an internship."

      "That's great!" Yuriko smiled, pleased. Togai had been one of her
      great successes in meddling. "How's your brother?" Uto had been another.

      Togai grinned widely. "He's really good. He likes the club, and they
      seem to like him there. He works hard - does a lot of overtime. I
      think he'd like to manage a club one day - maybe one of his own."

      "That's great," Yuriko said happily, patting Togai lightly on the
      shoulder. "Well, I have to get..."

      "Um, but, actually," Togai put his hand out to stop her, "I wanted to
      know if you're all right?"

      Frowning, Yuriko faced the young man. "What do you mean? I feel fine,
      as far as I know."

      Togai colored again. "I know this sounds stupid, I just heard a lot of
      things about your tour – like things being trashed and accidents
      happening, so I when I saw you, I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

      The frowned deepened. "Accidents?"

      "Yeah, like the Director's car." Togai was obviously under the
      assumption that Yuriko knew all about the incident.

      "What happened to Ren-san's car?"

      The young man looks surprised. "You haven't heard? His tires were
      slashed in the parking lot."


      "Well, yeah," but now the tall youth was backing away. "I didn't want
      to upset you...."

      "No, I'm not upset, I've just heard a lot of rumors and I'm not sure
      what's true these days." Yuriko lied smoothly, putting a hand on the
      youth's elbow. She smiled reassuringly. "I know I can trust you."

      With an unsure smile in return, Togai said, "Well, there was the set
      that was destroyed, right? I was working with the lighting guys and
      they said that all the effects were ripped right out. And then the
      Director's car, of course, and just the other day that lady, the dance
      person –she was pushed down the stairs." Seeing the look on Yuriko's
      face, Togai began to pull away once more. "Um, or so I heard, but it
      might not be true," he added lamely.

      "Pushed?" She felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the news. Maybe the
      tour *was* cursed – the tour and every one involved in it. That would
      explain her week...and Kishi-san and…

      "Not on purpose!" Togai yelped, trying to extricate himself from the
      blonde's insistent grasp. "I mean, they say someone bumped her and she
      fell down the stairs. It was probably an accident."

      Yuriko let go of his arm with an apologetic smile. "Right, it was just
      an accident." She wondered why she already hadn't heard any of these
      rumors. "I really have to be going, Togai-kun, but thanks for checking
      up on me. I'm just fine." She smiled brightly, but the young man
      looked doubtful.

      "Okay, well, it was nice to see you again." He bowed and took himself
      off as fast as he could without seeming rude.

      Yuriko stared blankly into the crowd after him. It was stupid, she
      thought, to think that the tour was cursed. She knew that, of course.
      But ever since she had returned from her vacation, there had been this
      feeling of dread lingering over her like the proverbial black cloud.
      She left the commissary feeling burdened and frustrated.


      Ah, right, Yuriko commented to herself, *this* was why she hadn't
      heard any of the rumors. She watched as a barely coherent Haru
      fluttered and dithered around her in the small dressing room.

      Yuriko sighed loudly, but the older woman took no notice. She thought
      about asking Ren-san for another dresser – one who was marginally more
      stable, more creative, more up on the gossip. A nice gay man would be

      She watched as Haru moved a vase to a third location, then a fourth.
      As if where the flowers sat were of primary importance to her. Maybe
      they were – for all Yuriko knew, Haru was a world-renowned master of
      flower arranging. Although, watching her fret over the vase as she
      chose a fifth spot, that didn't seen terribly likely.

      "Haru-san," Yuriko asked, keeping her voice low and even. Every time
      she spoke, the woman reacted so violently...."Do you do Ikebana?"

      "No!" The plump little woman jumped at the singer's voice. "I mean,
      no, no, I don't." She looked vaguely worried at the question.

      "Right," Yuriko smiled mildly. "I was just curious."

      "Would you prefer Ikebana to these?" Haru motioned at the very Western
      floral arrangement. "I can have this taken away if you..."

      Something in Yuriko's head snapped. She had had an incredibly long
      week and this woman's nervous incompetence had worn away her last
      nerve. She stood, towering over the older woman. Looking down at Haru,
      Yuriko said sharply, "Haru-san, what are you supposed to be doing for me?"

      "I don't know what you mean," Haru's voice quivered, as she pulled
      away from the blonde, all but cowering.

      "I mean," Yuriko demanded, "what are you supposed to be doing here? I
      come in every day and you have no news for me, or about me. You never
      seem to know what I'm doing or where I need to be – you don't actually
      help me dress, and you have been worrying about these flowers for an
      entire quarter of an hour. Just put the damn flowers down somewhere

      Yuriko forced herself to take a deep breath and modulate her voice,
      which had become somewhat shrill. Haru had withdrawn completely into
      a corner, her hands in front of her face. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry" she
      repeated, her arms crossed in front of her face, as if to ward off a blow.

      Yuriko stared at Haru, shocked by the dresser's reaction. Did she
      expect to get hit? "Haru-san..."

      "I've displeased you!" The woman's words were thick with terror. "I'm
      sorry! I'm sorry!"

      Yuri looked hard at the older woman. Haru's reaction bore all the
      marks of an abused person. Yuriko didn't know Haru's history - but she
      didn't want to cause the woman another second of misery if she could
      help it. Haru was older - late middle age, at least. If she lost this
      job, there was a good chance she wouldn't find work anywhere else.

      The singer took a large, obvious step back, moving out of the little
      woman's personal space and seated herself backwards in the wire-frame
      chair at her dressing table. Crossing her arms on the chair's back,
      Yuri said, "Haru-san, I'm not going to hurt you – I'm not even angry
      at you, really, I've just had a very, very bad week. I'm terribly
      sorry for scaring you. Please," she gestured at the sofa, "have a
      seat. Have a drink too," Yuriko poured a glass of water and laid it on
      the small table in front of the sofa, then sat back, moving away from
      the couch. "I don't know what you're afraid of, but I don't want you
      to be afraid of me."

      The older woman lowered her arms slowly, shuffling forward to the
      sofa. Keeping both eyes on the blonde, she sat on the very edge of the
      sofa as far from Yuriko as possible.

      "Please," Yuriko gestured at the glass. Haru picked it up, but did not
      drink from it.

      Pouring herself a glass of water, Yuriko took a long drink of the
      liquid, while she considered her next words.

      It was definite now - she could see her dresser shaking with fear.
      Keeping her eyes fixed on the glass of water in the older woman's
      hands, Yuriko asked gently, "Haru-san, when you were given this
      assignment, did someone tell you about me - about my personality?"

      The older woman bowed where she sat, "Please forgive me." She kept her
      head bowed, but said nothing more.

      It all fell into place - the woman's nervousness, her reaction every
      time Yuriko addressed her, her fear of responsibility.... "Let me
      guess," Yuriko prompted, "someone told you that I was very demanding –
      that I lost my temper over any little detail, and that, maybe, I had a
      reputation for striking out if I was displeased?"

      Haru's head dipped slightly as she bowed again.

      "Ah," Yuriko breathed, trying to keep her voice calm. "I don't know
      who told you that, Haru-san, and I don't know why...but they were
      lying." When the older woman didn't move, Yuriko continued, "I can
      give you names of a few people you can talk to. They'll set you
      straight. Maybe you'll believe them." She sighed. "Haru-san, I think
      we have some talking to do right now."

      But even as she began to address the issues between them with the
      older women, in her mind one thing kept repeating, over and over, like
      a bell tolling.

      This tour was cursed.

      To Be Continued
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