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Re: [Yuricon] Holy Diversity, Bat(wo)Man! Is it true?

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  • Kusuriya
    yep from what I have read and the sneak cells Batwomans SO is cute haha ... -- Pharmacy Aim: ThePharmacyRx, Yahoo: HiryuuDragon MSN: HiryuuDragon@hotmail.com
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      yep from what I have read and the sneak cells Batwomans SO is cute haha

      On 6/3/06, mantennashowers@... <mantennashowers@...> wrote:
      What strikes me about this whole Batwoman relaunch thing is how the original Batwoman (Kathy Kane) and Bat-
      Girl (Betty Kane) were probably introduced in response to charges made against Batman and Robin 's relationship in Frederick Wertham's book "Seduction of the Innocent". IIRC Batwoman and Bat-Girl were erased from DC continuity in "Crisis on Infinite Earths", Kathy (who had been killed off years earlier) was retconned into a mere Gotham socialite and Betty into a heroine named Flamebird. That left Barbara Gordon the first Batgirl in the timeline.

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