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Re: [Yuricon] Simoun 2 - conjectures and justifications because it seems like fun

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  • Ashley
    ... Lets not forget that Aeru looks like Sailor Moon... O.o Making Simoun: Sailor Mecha-Moon! As for the art, I like it and dislike it at the same time. The
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 12, 2006
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      atheniag wrote:

      > Having watched the second episode of Simoun raw, and not particularly
      > caring much whether I'm right or wrong, I thought I'd offer a thought
      > or two on the "kissing the technology" thing that they do, and a few
      > other things that pop into my head. There may be spoilers, but they
      > are incidental - especially as we don't *know* what the plot is yet.
      > Putting aside that it's a thinly veiled attempt to gather a yuri
      > audience, let's look at the kissing in two parts.
      > One - the pilot pairs kiss each other before departing.
      > Two - the pilots then kiss a green gem-like thing that must be seen to
      > be the energy source for their ship.
      > There are single-pilot model ships - we see Aeru arrive in one. But
      > for battle, the pilots are paired. Let's take a look at the first kind
      > of kiss first. In just about the first scene we see in the anime,
      > pairs of female pilots kiss before they board their ships. Again,
      > setting aside that it's playing the yuri card for sales/interest,
      > based on what I saw in episode 2, I don't think the kisses the pilots
      > share are actually related to the second kiss.
      > I conjecture that Neviru's original partner and she were (I think it's
      > fairly obvious, actually,) much closer than just partners. Neviru's
      > partner and she shared kisses because they were lovers, and the other
      > pilots, seeing their princess sharing a kiss with her partner were
      > moved to do the same - and from there it became a tradition. It's not
      > entirely unlikely that the partner-pilots grow exceptionally close, as
      > they hold each others' lives in their hands. Think of them as
      > Spartans. But now it has become a tradition and regardless of partner
      > one shares a kiss, to remember the fragility of life, to remember love
      > and peace and good things, before one boards for battle.
      > Now let's look at the second kiss, the one that, perhaps, activates
      > the ship's power source. We know pretty much nothing about it, and
      > personally, I hope we never really do learn anything about it. It'll
      > make writing fanfic easier. lol
      > So - let me just take a flying leap here and say that they technology
      > does not have to be activated by a kiss. It might be both pilots
      > touching the gem that activates it - or their intent brought to bear
      > upon the gem but, like the kiss shared between pilots, the kiss on the
      > gem focuses the mind and intent *directly on* the technology, and
      > makes it activate. So it becomes part of the tradition - a kiss for
      > your partner, a kiss for your ship.
      > In a sense - a very feminine way to approach battle. In another sense,
      > a fun, cheesy way to gain instant yuri street cred. Whichever you
      > want. It matters not. :-)
      > Onto a different topic - I am so in love with the background art and
      > CGI for Simoun that I can forgive that I just really don't like the
      > character designs. I didn't love them in the manga, but here they are
      > vile. Neviru looks like a blow-up sex doll, there's just nothing else
      > to say about her. I will say that the clothing in the anime is
      > marginally less distressing than it is in the manga.
      Lets not forget that Aeru looks like Sailor Moon... O.o Making Simoun:
      Sailor Mecha-Moon!
      As for the art, I like it and dislike it at the same time. The
      backgrounds are pretty, water coloured, and make me think of FLCL, and
      other animes of that sort. The characters themselves need to be inked in
      less heavily. I like the clothes, but the clashing hair colours make me
      wonder if the colour artists are colour-blind...

      Does anyone think of Last Exile when they watch episode 1? Empire 1 has
      high tech stuff, Empire 2 has lower-tech stuff and lives in a land that
      looks like its going to go down the drain any moment. Empire 2 has to
      fly through a cloud barrier to get to the enemy - or so it seems... Lets
      hope they dont make a startling discovery that they are in a giant
      planet ship heading for someplace unknown...

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