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Re: Strawberry Panic vs Simoun - the battle you've all been waiting for!

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  • Lena
    ... Yep the battle is on. I like how Erica-chan described this battle .Specially red corner VS the blue corner . Let see which redberry or blueberry team take
    Message 1 of 55 , Apr 4, 2006
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atheniag" <anilesbocon01@...> wrote:
      > [Spoilers may happen. Avoid if you really, really, really hate
      > spoilers.]
      > Welcome to the Spring Yuri Showdown! I know you've all been waiting on
      > pins and needles for this battle - as have I. And here we are at last.
      > In the red corner we have "Strawberry Panic" based on the short
      > stories of the same name from Dengeki G's Magazine, home of lots of
      > loli girls doing bishoujo game poses. Yuri by guys for guys, okay? OK.
      > In the blue corner we have newcomer "Simoun" from "Yuri Hime", home
      > of, erm, yuri for women by women.
      > The red corner comes out swinging with lots of school uniforms! I am
      > not kidding - we had a solid five minutes of dissussion on the
      > features and individual cuteness of each school's uniform. Great for
      > those who can't get enough of detailed discussions of crinoline!
      > "Strawberry Panic" has every single schoolgirl cliche in the book -
      > she's late, she's clumsy, she manages to have absolutely NO clue
      > whatsoever about the schools she entering - she's our heroine Nagisa!
      > Welcome Nagisa, cute, slightly underachieving girl who is not as
      > annoying as her manga counterpart, thank heavens. Nagisa is
      > immediately targeted as a patsy by uber-cool, seductive and strangely
      > boring Shizuna, who is every girl at all three schools dream.
      > "Strawberry Panic" weighs in finally with two almost-kisses, some
      > sexual tension, creepy friendly roommate and uniforms!
      > Now the blue corner steps forward with - omg! amazing graphics and a
      > production value I haven't seen since Ghost in the Shell:Innocence. Is
      > that CGI over watercolor? I feel faint. Screw schoolgirl uniforms -
      > give me good art any day. Nota Mamiko voices an enemy drone, so that
      > we get her perspective on the war and a vision of Simoun as the enemy.
      > And then, oh no! Two kisses in the first few minutes! It's a solid hit
      > for "Simoun." Ships that don't look like the same-old same-old, could
      > it be that there is character development too? "Strawberry Panic" is
      > looking weaker by the moment.
      > More kisses...
      > It's the final round - war is brutal my friends, while we watch Nota
      > Mamiko's character die a not-at-all symbolic death. But the victory is
      > a Pyrrhic one - our princess is scarred and frightened. Enter
      > protagonist/catalyst Aru who is again, not as annoying as her manga
      > counterpart, as she now has some context.
      > And its a TKO for "Simoun" with a real story, great point-of-view
      > effect, and excellent art!
      > Cheers,
      > Erica

      Yep the battle is on. I like how Erica-chan described this battle
      .Specially "red corner VS the blue corner". Let see which redberry or
      blueberry team take the center stage!
    • Kat Ehas
      First, I d like to say Sue! You ve de-lurked! Only took you five years! ;) ... Yeah, I have to agree that the subbing on ep 1 frustrated me. The grammar
      Message 55 of 55 , Apr 30, 2006
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        First, I'd like to say "Sue! You've de-lurked! Only took you five years! ;)"

        On 4/28/06, Susan Davis <futabachan@...> wrote:
        > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@...> wrote:
        > >
        > > On Apr 20, 2006, at 8:41 AM, atheniag wrote:
        > >
        > > > Well the fansubbers definitely didn't make it easy.
        > >
        > > No, but spending some time in the forums helped a lot. I don't fault
        > > the fansubbers too badly as a lot of the terms are turning out to
        > > more Latin than French, and nobody is really sure of a consensus.
        > Episode 2 was a lot better than episode 1, although there are still
        > some very questionable romanization choices ("Call" for "koru" instead
        > of "Chor" or "Corps;" "Simula" for "shivyura" instead of "Sibylla," et
        > cetera). Hopefully, the rest of the series will be more along episode
        > 2's lines....

        Yeah, I have to agree that the subbing on ep 1 frustrated me. The
        grammar was weak and I wasn't always sure what they were trying to
        say. I'm going to probably rewatch ep 1 before starting ep 2.

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