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RE: [Yuricon] Re: Interesting Yuri Shimai thing

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  • Erica Friedman
    ... S relationships, as I mentioned. S was an early 20th century Japanese feminist movement that fostered close emotional ties betwen women. S for sister
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 9, 2006
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      >Okay I, for one, am now curious at:
      >a) What the Takemoto's essay is about

      "S" relationships, as I mentioned. "S" was an early 20th century Japanese
      feminist movement that fostered close emotional ties betwen women. "S" for
      sister (i.e., the "soeur" of Marimite.) The essay was about that type of
      sempai/kouhai ove, that we now are calling yuri, but for an earlier
      generation, fostered on the novels of Yoshiya Nouko, was called "S". (There
      was alot more to it, I'm simplifying.)

      There's not a tremendous amount of in English about it. Jennifer Robertson
      touches upon "S" in her book on Takarazuka. Erin's essay on "Women-loving
      Women" on the Yuricon Essays page mentions it as well. (I think using
      Robertson as a source, if I'm not mistaken.) There's a nice bit on "S" in
      another Robertson article on Yoshiya Nobuko from a collection about
      important Japanese women, but I was unable to find my copy of it before I
      left for Illinois. I need to get another copy.

      >b) What the topic of your lecture at UIUC was. And how it went.

      (You KNOW I posted all that about half a dozen times between here, Okazu and
      the Yuricon Events page, right? Not to mention the press release on ANN,
      Shoujoai.com, Livejournal, etc... How did you manage to miss everything?!?

      You can read my trip diary on Okazu (http://okazu.blogspot.com) With
      pictures. Whee!

      I actually did three talks while I was there. March 2, I talked to a Intro.
      to Japanese culture class about manga culture and otaku culture. Followed by
      a queer reading group where we talked about "Shoujoai ni Bouken".

      On March 3, I did a formal lecture which I called "A Flower of One's Own:
      Yuri Manga and Lesbian Japan." It went well - I had a small, but receptive,
      audience. Good questions, and lovely conversation during dinner afterwards.

      I am going to attempt to actually finish writing the lecture with complete
      sentences one day, and add it to the Yuricon Essays page. Don't hold yer
      collective breaths - it'll be a while. :-)


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