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Re: [OT] Speaking of a different topic..

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  • atheniag
    ... Takarazuka ... Much ... Of course - isn t that the way. ... Sounds great - typical TK cheesy. :-) I am STILL blown away at how atypically wonderful
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 18, 2006
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "aathsani" <aathsani@...> wrote:
      > A few months ago, when I read about Rose of Versailles, the
      > version on this mailing list, I decided I was going to try and catch
      > it during my 3 day visit to Tokyo in early January of this year.
      > to my disappointment, the show was only available in Osaka on the
      > days I was in Japan. I decide to go see whatever was playing at
      > Yurakucho.

      Of course - isn't that the way.

      > The friend I visited manage to get us tickets to the current show -
      > Palermo of the Setting
      > Sun

      Sounds great - typical TK cheesy. :-)

      I am STILL blown away at how atypically wonderful "Elizabeth" was that
      I was able to see. I watch the DVD over and over. :-)

      > Takarazuka the show had almost
      > withered away a few decades ago until the popularity of the Rose of
      > Versailles show helped revived interest for Takarazuka (I have to
      > admit I probably read about this on the Yuricon mailing list).

      I have that revival RoV show on VHS. I can barely watch it. LOL

      > The other interesting thing I did in Tokyo was visit a Maid's Café.
      > They are as popular as heck for reasons that I can only guess at. We
      > went to one of the cafes in Akihabara – Land of Otakus. I was
      > disappointed that the cafe didn't allow me to take pictures of the
      > maids or of the restaurant. Fortunate for me, I was able to catch
      > "maids" advertising their cafes along the Akihabara street. These
      > "maids" didn't let anyone take pictures with them but let people
      > pictures of them.

      I'm so torn about that. Everyone assumes I'd want to go to one...but
      maids don't do a thing for me. :-)

      > While my friend and I were shopping in Akihabara (well I was
      > while my friend kept rolling her eyes and murmuring "Otaku" under
      > breath), we found out that the best place to find Yuri/Yaoi-related
      > goods in Tokyo is Ikebukuro.
      Apparently, the stretch between the
      > Tokyu Hands and the Sunshine Dori (known as the Romance dori) is the
      > place to go for Yaoi and Yuri goods.

      Yes, as I have mentioned about fourteen million times. LOL I
      pracatically lived there on both trips. (For those people who have not
      read them, both my Tokyo trip journals are posted on Okazu: http://
      okazu.blogspot.com Look for Tokyo Journal and Yuri Revolution.)

      > (The only Marimite goods the shop at hand were the phone straps for
      > the Rose families and the rose rosary which I didn't get because it
      > was atrociously expensive)

      Animate. Yup.

      > However, the ultimate Otaku thing I did during the trip was to hang
      > out with a Yuri Mangaka :D – Eriko Tadeno. While we hung out at an
      > Izakaya bar in Shinjuku (on Yakitori-dori!), Eriko Tadeno drew me a
      > picture of a Yuri couple
      > http://flickr.com/photos/93432811@N00/94841140/in/photostream/
      > <3 Tadeno-san.

      Wow! Cool for you. I hope she's doing well.

      > We went to the bookstore at Shinjuku Nichome where I made her sign
      > mangas I bought of her work. I also bought Rica tte Kanji there.
      > (Takashima-san, can you sign your book for me too? ) I <3
      that book!

      I'm sure she will, if you run into her. :-)

      > Before I stop rambling, I have to express my frustration at trying
      > find the Yuri Shimai and Yuri Hime magazines. Only 2 out of the 10
      > manga stores I went to carried Yuri Shimai (the Animate in Ikebukuro
      > retail price, Shibuya Mandarake – used prices). Everyone else
      > explained that the magazines were out of print or extremely
      > to get. How do you guys get yours (apart from Erika's Amazon links)?

      They carry it at Comic Toranoana (of which there was one Ikebukuro. I
      probably spent more than my share of money there...)

      > Anyway, I hope I didn't bore anyone with the details of my trip. I
      > thought some of the information I learnt may help the Otakus in this
      > list with their Tokyo trips some day 

      Thanks for sharing! Especially the pics. Very cool. :-)


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