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Notes on the 13th Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel - Part 2

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  • atheniag
    Bocchama, Ojousama (Little Master, Little Mistress) 1 Wednesday Yumi s book is boring her to tears – it s a depressing story, and sitting and doing nothing
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      Bocchama, Ojousama (Little Master, Little Mistress)

      1 Wednesday

      Yumi's book is boring her to tears – it's a depressing story, and
      sitting and doing nothing is bring her down.

      "Hey Yumi." There is the hallway is Yuuki. Sachiko welcomes him and
      invites him up to the terrace. He declines on the basis that he's only
      here to drop off the parasol Yumi forgot in her father's car.

      When Yumi snaps at Yuuki, Sachiko scolds her, telling her that they
      are siblings; they should be able to get along. Yumi think that it
      would be more trouble than its worth to point out to Sachiko that she
      has no siblings, and therefore no clue about sibling relationships.

      Sachiko firmly requests Yuuki join them for lunch. He says that he has
      to go meet a friend in town. Yumi is instantly jealous and it shows on
      her face. Yuuki offers to take her with him to the main shopping
      street. Sachiko says its okay with her, if Yuuki is going to be with
      Yumi. Yuuki asks if Sachiko would like to join them, but she demurs,
      saying that she's been and the crowds don't appeal to her.

      Yumi is torn, because she wants to stay with Sachiko, but she wants to
      go. Yuuki takes her arm and tells Sachiko that he's going to borrow
      his sister for a little while. He takes Yumi in hand and starts
      walking off with her. He tells her that it was obvious that she wanted
      to go and since Sachiko wasn't going to…

      They walk through the woods, past a pillar with a white nameplate that
      says nothing but "Sawa." Yumi stares at the name, wondering if it's
      the same "sawa" in "OgaSAWAra" and "SAWAmura" (Kyo and Gensuke's name)

      Yuuki says that Yumi seemed gloomy and he just made the decision for
      her – as much for Sachiko as for Yumi, since if Yumi was hanging
      around being down, it would suck for Sachiko. Yuuki wanted to cheer
      her up. Yumi thinks that it's not always easy to be cheerful. As they
      leave the woods, Yumi holds up a hand to block the dazzling sunlight.

      They come into town and meet up with a guy in a Hawaiian shirt,
      sunglasses and a "bocchama" haircut. He whistles as Yumi and Yuuki
      approach. Yumi recognizes him as Kobayashi-kun, Yuuki's classmate.
      Kobayashi greets Yumi politely, then turns to Yuuki and speaks in
      crude boy language. Yumi's not surprised – she assumes that when he's
      not around her, Yuuki probably speaks that way too.

      Town is very crowded. They try to figure out what to do. Yumi mentions
      ice cream and Kobayashi claps hi hand and runs off, calling for them
      to follow. Yumi and Yuuki have no idea where he's going and would have
      lost him in the crowd but for his loud Hawaiian shirt. They end up in
      front of a coffee shop. Kobayashi says that this place is known for
      its ice cream.

      Yumi asks why here, after all there's many places to get ice cream.
      Kobayashi bizarrely answers "Because it's just about time.". Ignoring
      the long line of people, he points to the store like he's conjuring
      something. At which a young man comes out and hands Kobayashi two ice
      cream cones. "Here's the ice cream you were waiting for." K gives one
      to Yumi and one to Yuuki, who pays him for it. Kobayashi tells Yumi
      not to worry about it – the young man was a sempai.

      As they walk along, Kobayashi and Yuuki bang fists and chat. Yumi
      thinks that they are rambunctious, but boy friendship is nice too. She
      thinks that she'll never get to that level of comfort touching

      A couple of big guys see them and say, "Whoa, look, two Yukichis!"
      kobayashi calls them Nikkou- and Gakkou-sempai. Yumi's like, what on
      earth kinds of names are those? They go on to say that Kashiwagi had
      mentioned that Yuuki makes a cute woman… They stand there eating ice
      cream and watching Yumi and Yuuki, commenting on the Fukuzawa siblings
      like they are watching a movie. One says that if Kashiwagi goes out
      with Yumi, then that would be cool. If they married, it would make
      Kashiwagi yuuki's older brother.

      At this Yumi goes all shaky and cold – and not from the ice cream. The
      idea of pairing up with Kashiwagi gives her the chills. The two guys
      go on, oh wait, Kashiwagi's got a fiancée. Yuuki comments that
      Kashiwagi's fiancée is his sister's onee-sama. Gakkou and Nikkou try
      to figure out that relationship. If Kashiwagi marries your sister's

      Yumi wonders if all of Hanadera is here.

      All of a sudden, Yumi says she wants to go back. Seeing all the
      Hanadera sempai, she yearns for onee-sama. It'll be nice to get back
      to her. Yuuki asks Kobayashi where Kashiwagi said he'd be. Kobayashi
      mentions a restaurant. Yuuki says, good, because he said he had his
      car with him.


      Yumi thanks Kashiwagi for the ride. He's very gracious in response. He
      then goes on to say that it gives him a chance to ride with Yuuki.
      She tells herself that he won't try to do anything with Kobayashi in
      the car.

      Kashiwagi tells her to persevere (gambare yo) and she asks why. He
      says he just has a feeling. She asks about what, because she doesn't
      trust him – he's not above pulling a prank on her. Kashiwagi just
      responds that he'll say an Ave for her – the same thing that Yoshino
      had said before Yumi left on vacation...

      Yumi isn't sure where Kashiwagi gets his foresight, but the trial
      isn't too long in coming. She goes into the house and can hear that
      there are many voices. Kyo is setting tea on the terrace. While Yumi
      was out, 4 girls have stopped by for a while.

      Sachiko welcomes her back and beckons her to join them. She meets Yumi
      1/2way, puts her arm around Yumi's shoulder to lead her forward.
      Sachiko introduce Yumi, who bows, but not before she takes a hard look
      at the four. The guests are all fluttery and frilly like butterflies.
      Yumi wishes she was dressed like a cabbage moth now in the white
      dress, instead of jeans and a t-shirt.

      The butterflies all use flowery language. Touko is among them,
      looking ill-pleased.

      Yumi asks her what about Canada and Touko says that there was a change
      of heart and they didn't go. As usual, Touko responds to Yumi coldly,
      but she seems glad to not have had to go to Canada.

      Yumi feels sure that what saves her that afternoon is seeing a face
      she knows. It's pleasant enough drinking tea and eating sweets, but
      she did have trouble following the rich girls' conversations: some
      shop they like, a place in Paris, pleading for a horse for their
      birthday…These were the type of people who planned for month-long
      cruises. Yumi remembers a song from her past about people like this.
      She always wondered who did these kinds of things – and here they were
      in front of her. Although it was an everyday conversation for them, to
      her it was like a foreign language.

      Just like sometimes she thought of Sachiko as an alien among
      earthlings, this time she was the alien.

      They start gossiping about people and Touko abruptly stands and says
      it's about time to go. "Speaking ill of other people isn't one of my
      interests. I'm not comfortable talking about things I don't know the
      circumstances of."

      The three other girls look at each other, not really knowing how to
      answer this charge.

      Sachiko smoothly suggests they call that conversation closed. It's
      obvious that Sachiko felt the same way, but as her guests were the
      ones talking, she didn't feel comfortable scolding them.

      Saionji Yukari says that if Yumi ever comes out here again, she should
      come by her summer home, taking Yumi's hand as she leaves. Yumi thinks
      that's a polite way of putting it. "If you're ever here again."

      Touko leaves last. Yumi asks her why she said what she said before.
      Touko replies that it's just pathetic to gossip. She says she's fine
      with speaking ill of other people – when it's suitable. Yumi tells her
      that she's very adult. Touko says not really, then goes on to warn
      Yumi to leave quickly, so there will be no rumors about her. Her tone
      isn't friendly advice-like, it's threatening. She goes on to say that
      everyone admires Sachiko- oneesama. After Yumi became her soeur, many
      rumours spread. Yumi thinks that that explained the looks the three
      girls gave her when Sachiko introduced her. They looked at her like
      "what are you?" then shut her out completely.

      Touko asks if that treatment made Yumi angry, as she walks off into
      the woods. Yumi watches her go, then thinks, that that made four of
      them, not three, who held her in contempt.

      Sachiko is waiting for her in the main room. She asks if town was fun.
      Yumi comes up to Sachiko and says yes, but...then laying her head on
      Sachiko's shoulder, says that it would have been better with onee-

      Now Yumi could return to being cheerful, she thinks, as Sachiko slides
      her hand down Yumi's hair.


      Cont'd in Part 3
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