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Nanoha A's 10 spoilers

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  • W. Suika Roberts
    More stratigic-scale magical attacks ^_^ S P O I L E R S P A C E That should be enough. I started watching Nanoha with A s, then downloaded the first series,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2005
      More stratigic-scale magical attacks ^_^



      That should be enough.

      I started watching Nanoha with A's, then downloaded the first series,
      which shines amusing light on the later episodes.

      Fate and Nanoha wear, in just about all the non-combat/training scenes,
      the ribbons they exchanged at the end of the first series, tickling
      some connotation of exchanged favors.

      Fate promised to rescue Nanoha, and shows up in the nick of time to do

      The op for A's has an interesting similarity to that of Stellvia, which
      is probably as intentional as the Velka knight's similarity to the
      paper sisters.

      Then there's the current ep, which starts in the middle of yet another

      Last episode, the Velka knights have been absorbed by the book, the
      guys in white taking out Shamal and Signum while Hayate is passed out,
      and then assuming Nanoha and Fate's forms to absorb Zephira and Vita
      once Hayate is awake.

      Hayate proceeds to freak, and turns into a tall, busty, white-haired
      girl with black wings (gyeh)

      This episode, he winged girl claims she isn't Hayate, but rather a
      manifestation of the book who wants to do fulfill her master's wish,
      despite crying all the time.

      The guys in white are Admiral Gren's tsukaima, and apparently have been
      working for the last eleven years or so to try and destry the book, no
      matter who gets hurt in the process. I thought they were particularly
      horrible at the end of the last episode ^_^

      The manifestation can use the magic the book absorbed, and she uses a
      Starlight Breaker to try and swat Fate and Nanoha (which attack was one
      of the first things that hooked me on this series when Nanoha used it
      in the second ep ^_^ ). Ga-Boom! ^_^

      And Fate gets entirely absorbed by the book! Nanoha looks
      appropriately devastated.

      So, now they're going to _have_ to dig everyone out of it.

      If I missed/misinterpreted anything horribly, feel free to let me know.

      ja ne,
      Suika (who likes the fact that she's 99.9% sure everything will work
      out after sufficient angst)
      OS/2 -- The "OS that wouldn't die"
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