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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Mai Otome 6 SPOILERS (in light of episode 9)

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  • Chalcahuite
    S P O I L E R S P A C E ... I think we re looking at a bit of misdirection here now, honestly. What makes me suspicious is the way they had Sergey happen upon
    Message 1 of 23 , Dec 5, 2005
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      On Dec 5, 2005, at 12:47 AM, Aaron the PK wrote:

      mellowrg <mellowrg@...> wrote:
      > Depends really. If Nao and Nina are any indication, and it does seems 
      > to make sense, you'd have more than one girl training to be an Otome 
      > at any given time, if you can, to increase your odds of getting at 
      > least one through. So depending on where Akane is from they may 
      > already have one in service, and/or have a couple in training at the 
      > moment.

      Akane if from Florince. The only otome from Florince in fact. Their
      current meister is Rosalie Crowdel. The random blonde meister you see
      in episode 3.

      But that's not my point. Florince is going to get screwed because
      Akane is Akane, and she's all so bouncy and peachy right now.

      Well, there are other reasons as well, but I'd rather not go too far
      right now. I'll save that later for Mentar.
      Considering what we have seen of Akane and her precious Kazu-chan in episode 9, her country is most definitey screwed.

      I think we're looking at a bit of misdirection here now, honestly. What makes me suspicious is the way they had Sergey happen upon the two of them and deliver his bit of info about Kazuya's royal lineage and then leave.  Given how Akane fared back in MH, I'm sure they want to think that she'll be screwed in this one, but I'm not so sure anymore. 
      Kazuya is from one of the three royal families in Kardea which potentially means that he may be in line for the throne.  
      If this information is really as important as I suspect it is, then I imagine that Kazuya will be sitting on the throne of Kardea at the end of the series. And Akane may be his Otome, if she survives to the end, or if she doesn't retire and become his queen. Either way her presence by his side will herald a new age of peace between the historical enemies. 
      As others have mentioned they're setting us up for another outbreak of war, and Kardea is probably going to be the instigator. But, that war will really just be the backdrop for the fight between our forces of postive and negative change and the status quo. The "Fate of the Otome" and Arika's desire to change that will become the focal point of the back half of the series. 
      Getting back to Florince and Kardea, we don't really know what exactly happens after an Otome loses a battle. If Florince and Kardea's Otomes were to fight, what is the upshot of a loss, aside from getting a pillar-y tombstone in the Hall of Dead Otome? Does the conquering of another country then become a transfer of power process, with the winning Otome substituting for an invading army as well, compelling the losing country to comply peacefully? Will we get to see Fia Gross lay the countryside of Florince to waste? 
      If they're not going to make Akane a sacrificial lamb in this universe, then I can see Kazuya hiding her and starting a resistance movement soon after a Florince loss. 
      Anyway, everybody's jumping on the how hard will they screw Akane bandwagon, and I'm officially jumping off. 

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