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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Mai Otome 7 (SPOILERS)

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  • Iain
    ... One of the reasons I like the theory is it gives me hope that Mai will also come to her senses and leave Tate to sausage-head...
    Message 1 of 24 , Nov 23, 2005
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      t3nsh1 wrote:
      > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "chikiko_saotome" <chikiko@t...>
      > wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Lurker coming out of the woodwork to agree with Erica here. The
      >> sense
      >> > of loss and noble sacrifice that many of the characters went
      > through
      >> > went completely out the door within the few minutes it took for
      >> > everything to become right again. (Incidentally, did the First
      >> > District people stay dead?) Moreover, the ending had a
      > frustrating
      >> > feeling of being unresolved because everything did seem
      > resolved, i.
      >> e.
      >> > all the issues of resentment and confusion and just the dynamics
      > of
      >> > all the relationships in the aftermath (everything from the air
      >> never
      >> > really being cleared regarding what Shizuru did (one
      > little "sorry"
      >> > isn't going to fix something like attempted murder) to
      > relationships
      >> > like Haruka and Yukino to even how everyone is so hunky-dory
      > with
      >> each
      >> > other) seemed perfect.
      >> >
      >> > BTW, hi.
      >> >
      >> > -Ngan
      >> >
      >> I think the reason her apology was accept was because their was
      > plenty
      >> of blame to pass around. Yes, Shizuru went off the deepend. But
      > it
      >> is my belief that this was a mental influence of the HiME
      > fesitval.
      >> (from the tension created by the festival itself, the hidden
      >> manipulaters, and probably a dark influence of their powers set in
      >> place to make them more likely to fight each other) If you think
      >> about it nearlly all of them fell to its influence at one point or
      >> another.
      >> Shizuru went off the deepend and nearly killed Nao, Natsuki runs
      > off
      >> in a rage to fight Nao minutes after saying she wasnt going to get
      >> involved as well as the deep depression she fell into. Yukino
      > tried
      >> to not just kill mai's child but she tried to kill mai herself.
      > Mai
      >> went after Mikoto and nearly gave into her depression & the desire
      > to
      >> take everyone out before they went after her. and if anyone is go
      > be
      >> the brunt of people's anger it should be Mikoto. She elemented
      > more
      >> hime's than anyone one else. Oh and lets not forget Shiho. she
      > was so
      >> driven by her jealosy she couldnt even realize she was going to
      > kill
      >> tate.
      >> What i'm getting at is, that i think they all forgave so easily
      >> because most of them had something to feel guilty over
      > themselves.
      >> (with the exception akane who never even made it to the
      > Himelander)
      >> It's kind of hard to not forgive someone for something you feel
      > guilty
      >> for doing yourself, espeically when everyone knows what you did)
      >> I'm not saying it was a great end, but I'm offereing a possible
      >> explanation why Shizuru was forgiven. I think her saying sorry
      > that
      >> way was more of a let's all just forget this happened kind of
      > thing.
      >> (not that anyone else apologized for what they did, they all just
      >> tried to forget it happned.) so that's my theory.
      > Actually, that was a very good explanation and does help curb my
      > disappointment somewhat, but still... it's frustrating how
      > everything was just so... happy at the end considering everything
      > that happened. Maybe I just feel sour that we miss all that time
      > immediately after everything settled down and didn't get to see how
      > everyone really digested what happened. Don't get me wrong, though,
      > I still like Mai HiME and am enjoying seeing where Otome may go. I
      > just wish a little more had been done than a simple reset and
      > forgive and forget. (And did anyone else think that Reito would have
      > been much better for Mai than Tate?)

      One of the reasons I like the theory is it gives me hope that Mai will
      also come to her senses and leave Tate to sausage-head...
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