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YH2 is excellent! was Re: Yuri Hime news

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  • atheniag
    ... My copy came in yesterday. The format is the same, of course, but there s a slight switch in emphasis. More adult characters are being added to the stories
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 28, 2005
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Erin Subramanian <esubramanian1@c...>

      > Not much to report about the second issue of Yuri Hime-- looks good,
      > same stuff as last time.

      My copy came in yesterday. The format is the same, of course, but
      there's a slight switch in emphasis. More adult characters are being
      added to the stories - and slightly more adult themes, as well. A
      *very* strong volume in all ways.

      In fact, after a quick survey, I give it a double thumbs up. :-)
      Definitely the best yuri anthology I've read so far, (barring Yuri
      Monogatari, of course. lol)

      The Zaou Taishi-Eiki Eiki story is a
      > continuation of the one from the last issue and looks like it will
      > continue to the next issue, though it isn't described as a "serialized
      > manga" yet.

      I really like this story - despite the obvious "twist". In fact, I'm
      not sure you can really even call it a twist its so obvious. :-) But
      the color pages the time show (I'm not 100% sure of the characters'
      names - was it Reiko and Ayano? I can't remember...) in bed as adults,
      balancing the color picture of the two of them as adolescents from the
      last volume.

      The Morinaga Milk story is a continuation of the story "Even
      > if We're Not Friends" from the first issue of Yuri Shimai. The color
      > pages are absolutely gorgeous. Even if you can't read Japanese, buy the
      > magazine just for them. ;)

      Agreed. And the story works for me, as well. Hitome and Nana are
      taking their relationship forward a step and its handled with humor
      and class.

      There's also a page of Strawberry Shake Sweet
      > fanart sent in by readers. Some of it is pretty cute. :)

      There's fanart, in fact, for all the major continuing stories.

      Strawberry Shake Sweet (henceforward SSS) takes a turn in this issue -
      no less goofy, but slightly more grownup, I think. Less physical
      comedy maybe...I'm not entirely sure. It's hard to tell, we're thrown
      two new characters and we've yet to see how they will fit in. :-) The
      suspense is killng me... lol

      > The Nawoko story, "Voiceful," is a continuation of the story "Voice"
      > from Yuri Shimai 5, and it looks like it'll be continued in the next
      > issue.

      Yay! I really enjoyed this story best of all of this artist's work for
      YS/YH. Hina is going through a crisis, brought on by her new
      friendship. I'm exceptionally glad they continued this. I like this
      artists (I have a doujinshi she did in the year 2...lol) and this
      story is a really nice mix for her art and her obvious love of music.

      > The "yuri fairy tale" in this issue is Rapunzel, and it has some
      > really nice illustrations (I love Sakura Shio's artwork to pieces).

      Got to disagree with this. I can't stand this artist, or these
      yuri-fied fairy tales. They leave me completely cold. I'm glad someone
      does like them though...

      > There's a manga report on a "Hatsukoi Shimai" (the new name for "Koi
      > Shimai") drama CD postrecording thingy by Morishima Akiko, similar to
      > the one she did on Yuricon in Tokyo.

      Yes - and its GREAT!!!! <happyhappyhappy>

      Okay, so the Hatsukoi Shimai Drama CD (I am completely obssessed with
      Drama CDs, btw. I have an insanely large collection of them...)is not
      a re-print of the old Koi Shimai CDs. It's an entirely new story -
      with a yuriful voice acting cast. When I do my writeup on Okazu, I'll
      list everyone, but trust me on this - these VAs were *definitely*
      picked for the yuri factor. Tsutako's voice from marimite, someone
      from Stellvia.... <happyhappyhappy>

      Not only does this CD follow Haruna and Chika (snooze) but also Akiho
      and Touko (yay!) and the third couple Miyu and whomever, the cover
      girls from the 4th Yuri Shimai. Park Romi reprises her role as
      Touko-sensei and they definitely have her schmoozing up Akiho, so I
      cannot wait to get this!! <happyhappyhappy>

      Apparently Akiko-san attended a recording session
      <jealousjealousjealous> and that's what she's writing up in this report.

      It's a funny report - there's a moment where Akiho's seiyuu asks Park
      Romi if recording this makes her want to go back to school. Romi
      responds that, you know, it does seem like school has lots of cute
      girls... :-)

      Akiko-san is really a nice person, but I swear to god I'm emailing her
      and telling her that I'm so jealous that I'm going to have to kill
      her. lol

      > Hakamada Mera, the mangaka of "Saigo no Seifuku," a yuri manga that
      > in Manga Time Kirara Carat and Manga Time Kirara Max, did a manga for
      > this issue of Yuri Hime; can't remember if he/she did one for the
      > previous issue or not. It looks okay... something about a ninja.

      Didn't see it being about a ninja, but it's the last one on the book
      and I didn't have time to scan it properly, because we arrived at the
      Brooklyn Academy of Music (I was reading in the car because I couldn't
      wait until tonight) and we had to go. I'm not terribly fond of the
      art. It's loli, and the character's heads are all weirdly shaped. lol
      But the story seems sweet enough.

      > Speaking of yuri manga done by mangaka who do stuff for Yuri Hime,
      > Fujieda Miyabi's "Iono the fanatics" is mentioned in the book review
      > section. I've only glanced through a couple chapters of it, but it does
      > look yuri; the main plot is some sort of magic-related thing (real
      > on the details, aren't I? lol). So that's another yuri manga to keep an
      > eye out for. :)

      Yes, this IS the Miyabi of Moonphase, btw...which explains alot about
      how he always seems to know the inside scoop about things...also does
      the story in YS/YH about Sai, the miko, and Letty, the witch who
      rescues her. In this volume, Sai and Letty come to a crisis, because
      Sai has been very open about her interest in Letty, who has put her
      off in every chapter. It becomes too much for Sai, and she apologizes,
      then sort of passes out. I think Letty is going to have to confess her
      love to bring Sai back - tune in next time. :-)

      And yes - Fujieda Miyabi also wrote and drew Iono the Fanatics, which
      *also* came yesterday. It looks fun and I'm looking forward to reading
      it this weekend. Look for a review on Okazu. :-)

      Speaking of which - today's goal is to do a 3-month late detailed
      review of Yuri Hime 1, in preparation for a detailed, gushing, review
      of Yuri Hime 2. When the first volume came out, I promised to do a
      detailed review later and just never got around to it, because things
      got busy.

      If you haven't gotten copies, I really recommend you do - its not only
      excellent yuri, done by editors who I *know* care about doing this
      right - because I've actually spoken to them about it.

      And if Ichijinsha does well enough with this magazine, maybe we'll see
      Strawberry Shake Sweet as an anime. Who knows? Ichijinsha were the
      folks who did Loveless - it's not out of the question. :-)

      You can find links to both these mags on the Yuricon Shop:
      http://www.yuricon.org/shop/manga.html#YH and of course, to the
      earlier issues of Yuri Shimai, as well

      These links are to buy directly from Amazon JP - they DO have a button
      to make the commands on the page turn to English, and they do ship
      internationally. On the whole, I've found ordering from them to be

      And for those who might be interested, Okazu:
      http://okazu.blogspot.com - it won't get updated till later tonight,
      but I'll try and get all of YH1 done in one entry.


      who cannot *wait* to get out of work and back to reading....
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