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Re: [Yuricon] Notes on the 9th Maria-sama ga Miteru novel - Part 2

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  • Sean Gaffney
    ... A lesson to all that whining works. ... I love Rei. ... And this is why Touko is so perfect for Yumi. :D ... Did I mention I love Rei? ... Again, just
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 26, 2005
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      On 26 Oct 2005 at 19:54, atheniag wrote:

      > BTW - these notes are dedicated to Sean Gaffney, who whined like a 5
      > year old until I typed them up. I tried to get them done quickly
      > *just* so I wouldn't have to listen to him. :-)

      A lesson to all that whining works.

      > When Yumi tells them that Sei said Shimako was a wolf without a pack,
      > Rei wonders if she means a husky or a Chihuahua...Sachiko tells her to
      > not digress, please.

      I love Rei.

      > In general Yumi find Touko stressful, because the younger girl possess
      > the self-confidence she herself lacks - although she has not yet come
      > to realize this, it becomes more and more obvious throughout the book.

      And this is why Touko is so perfect for Yumi. :D

      > Touko has, quite literally, created a script for the intervention. Rei
      > stomps that down, saying that it would seem odd if Touko took charge
      > of the whole affair. Rei takes the script out of Touko's hands, rolls
      > it up and bops her on the head with it.

      Did I mention I love Rei?

      > Yumi grows increasingly uncomfortable with the whole plot, as they
      > develop it.

      Again, just like the audience.

      Yay for Book 9! Onward to Book 10 and more Noriko narration!

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