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  • Shane M
    Mai HiME is beautiful, man. I love it so much. Shizuru x Natsuki? FOREVER. I don t think that they re in a relationship, exactly, at the end of the series but
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2005
      Mai HiME is beautiful, man. I love it so much.

      Shizuru x Natsuki? FOREVER.

      I don't think that they're in a relationship, exactly,
      at the end of the series but I'm pretty sure that
      Natsuki is being less phobic and more open to the idea
      as time goes by. I could definitely see them
      /becoming/ a couple after the series ended, but it
      might take a while.

      Natsuki seems a little scared of love in general, but
      without the fighting to use as an excuse to avoid
      relationships, she's getting better.

      > Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 16:13:02 -0500
      > From: Iain <khaer@...>
      > Subject: Mai HiME
      > So with all the interest in Mai Otome, I decided I
      > had to finally see
      > the almost-prequel. Actually, I can't imagine why I
      > haven't encountered
      > it before. Virtually all of my favorite seiyuu in
      > one place... that
      > should have been enough of a clue that I'd love it.
      > Yuuka Nanri as the
      > evil HiME - yay!
      > 'Course, the Yuki Kajiura score should have been
      > enough, given my
      > addiction to her music. Why the *hell* haven't I
      > picked this series up
      > before? I don't understand it...
      > I can't think I've ever seen a series that hit more
      > anime cliches than
      > this. Magical girls, transforming mecha-like
      > creatures, androids,
      > annoying brats, high school romances, melodrama, and
      > young girl as the
      > operation director (well, maybe she *was* 300 years
      > old, but she was
      > drawn like a silver-haired teenager. I kept
      > expecting her to start
      > crying for Sgt. Sagara.) Even ObPantsu.
      > The odd thing was I didn't find the cliches got in
      > the way, and I was
      > completely hooked.
      > I didn't expect it to become as bleak as it did
      > around episode 18 and
      > after. I did kinda see the ending coming, but I
      > thought it was going to
      > be artificial and unsatisfying, and I was wrong. I
      > can certainly see
      > what some of you have said about not being able to
      > predict the writers.
      > On topic: is the general feeling that Shizuru and
      > Natsuki are together
      > now? Natsuki was obviously creeped out at first, but
      > after the death
      > pact she seems to be less so - when Mai asks for her
      > confirmation that
      > love is good she's enthusiastic.
      > Anyway, thanks all for the pointers. I'd have gotten
      > to the series
      > anyway in search of Kajiura-sama, but I should have
      > done it sooner, and
      > I'm looking forward to Mai Otome now.
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